Chivalry 2 Hotfix 2.8.2

Good morrow once more, knights! As of this morning at 11:30am ET, we have released a minor hotfix (2.8.2) that delivers some general fixes, stability improvements and balance improvements to some maps including the recent Bridgetown map from the 2.8 Raiding Party Update.

Below is a list of fixes includes in this hotfix.



  • Fixed an issue where pressing the VOIP key would cause a stutter
  • Fixed an issue where timeout from a server was not being applied after a successful votekick
  • Fixed an issue where Out of Combat zones would shrink dramatically in LTS
  • Fixed an issue where the Heavy Cavalry Sword alt overhead hitbox would be offset in first person mode
  • Added the Crescent Bat Labrys war axe as a top voted community weapon skin request (by poll)
  • Further optimizations made for character textures
  • Further crash fixes
  • Further security improvements



  • Fixed an issue with party leaders incorrectly seeing party members as active after a party member fails to join a match



  • Bridgetown
    • Stage 1
      • Increased base time from 5 to 5.5 minutes
  • Stage 2
    • Increase time added for substage completion from 60 to 90 seconds
  • Stage 4
    • Increased base time from 4 to 5 minutes
    • Addressed an exploit where players could use the ballista to fire at the town gate
  • General
    • Removed peasant sickles
    • Optimized textures
  • Darkforest
    • Fixed an issue where the convoy carts would bounce due to missing road paths
  • Galencourt
    • Fixed an issue where Mason would be able to blow up the inner city gates before the ending of Stage 2


Still Looking Into

  • An issue where players are kicked out of Matchmaking due to “Invalid Join Data”
  • Ongoing hitches in relation to online services
  • Forming a party through native invites can break matchmaking queue buttons
  • And more!


Note: on first publication of these patchnotes we included “Fixed an issue where players would be kicked out of Matchmaking due to “Invalid Join Data”” – however, we have since heard further reports of this issue and have therefore moved this under the “Still Looking Into” list.