Chivalry 2 Hotfix 2.8.1

Good morrow, knights! As of this morning at 10am ET, we have released a minor hotfix (2.8.1) aimed at resolving some of the issues that appeared in our latest content update, Raiding Party. Below is a list of fixes includes in this hotfix.


  • Reverted a change to constructable placement limitations having an effect on multiple maps
  • Addressed further admin permission exploits
  • Fixed an issue where votekicks would not commit reliably
  • Fixed an issue where XP and Campaign progression would not save after match conclusion
  • [PS4] – Fixed an issue where crown purchases were not being reliably redeemed
  • [PS4] – Further crash fixes
  • [Xbox] – Fixed crash related to friends and parties
  • Fixed an issue where Standalone Servers would not grant Campaign Pass experience



  • Localization fix for missing text in regards unfriending Native Platform friends
  • Fixed an issue where the party leader would fail to join a match but other party members would be able to join said match
  • Fixed an issue where accepting 2 party invites in quick succession would cause a crash



While we’ve just released 2.8.1, we are still looking into:

  • More cheat prevention
  • More crash fixes
  • More crossparty fixes
  • Bridgetown balance changes
  • And more!