Merry Chivmas and Hotfix 2.7.1!

2.7.1 Patch Notes

Today we have released a small hotfix (2.7.1) to fix a few key campaign related issues. This includes the premium campaign not unlocking items as intended for some users. The full list of fixes coming in this hotfix can be seen below. 

Store Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where after purchase the Premium Campaign would not grant items properly (may require a game restart to unlock previous items)
  • Improved XP Tracking Visualization UI for Campaigns
  • Fixed an issue where other Featured store items (Gladiator Bundle, Special Edition, King’s Edition, Currency Pack) were missing for Xbox One and Playstation 5

UI Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where in LTS players that idle out are not displayed properly in the HUD
  • Fixed an issue where entering spectator mode in LTS during warm up or round countdown would result in the player total HUD breaking

Holiday Event – Chivmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Chivmas! ‘Tis the season for murder and mayhem. The Merry Chivmas event will be live on all platforms today at 11am ET.

Whether you’ve been good or bad, Chivalry 2 has holiday presents for you. 

Beginning today until January 5, experience a wonderland of holiday themed maps and carryables in the LIMITED TIME: Chivmas queue. Various holiday decorations such as holly, ornaments, and Chivmas trees have been strewn about the following maps in the Chivmas queue to spruce things up:

  • Team Objective mode: Stronghold, Falmire (with horses), Galencourt
  • Team Deathmatch: Wardenglade (with horses)

You’ll also be able to find snowmen, snow forts, and medieval sleighs that work as weapon racks to help you sleigh your enemies.

The presents don’t stop there. You’ll be able to find literal presents and celebrate the joy of giving by gifting a wrapped present directly to your enemies face. Explore the holiday themed maps to find more fun new carryable such as:

  • Snowballs for snowball fights
  • Throwable gift wrapped anvil 
  • Throwable ornaments
  • Julbock (Yule Goat)
  • Chivmas Elves
  • Stationary snowman with removable head and arms
  • Wooden toys
  • Yule log

Holiday Helmets:

  • Snowman – decapitate Frosty and wear his head as your own
  • Reindeer Helmet – celebrate the Yuletide with this stylish wicker headpiece
  • Santa Hat – ho ho hold the line in this festive holiday hat