Chivalry 2 Content Update – Winter War Patch Notes (2.7)

Update 2.7 is here! The Winter War content update features a new TO map known as Stronghold, new Quarterstaff weapon, new player progression path – ‘Campaigns’, Gladiator Bundle, and more! Read on below for all the details.

Update Highlights

  • New Team Objective Map – Thayic Stronghold!
  • New Weapon – Quarterstaff!
  • Unlock gold, crowns, and new customizations through the Winter War Campaign!
  • Combat Balancing and Improvements


Chivalry 2 is excited to bring the Campaign Passes to players for the very first time. Players can complete challenges and earn in-game rewards such as currency and armory items as they play. The Winter War Campaign Pass has no time limit, so you can earn rewards at your own pace.

Play the Winter War Campaign Pass at no cost to unlock free currency and armory items, or upgrade to unlock premium rewards. The Winter War Premium Campaign Pass can be purchased for 1000 Crowns in-game.

New Map – The Assault on Thayic Stronghold

Mason forces land on the shores of the Agathian heartland and assault Argon II’s final stronghold. The new Stronghold map is playable in the limited time: Winter War queue.

The Masons have cornered the Agathians in their northern stronghold. In the wretched cold, the Mason Order actions on the one command from the grizzled King himself: kill the self-proclaimed leader of Agatha and be rid of the rebellion once and for all. The Agathian Knights, however, have never been more unified than before. Under the banners of the Cross and Lion, the blue and gold shine as bright as King Argon the Second’s armour. Like the harsh wind of the land, Argon II shouts, “Fight for Agatha!”

In this map, Masons are tasked to siege Thayic Stronghold and kill Argon II. However, this will not be easy. The shoreline is heavily defended with artillery and the Masons must break through the walls, lowering the main fort’s drawbridge, and capture the courtyard right in front of Argon’s doorstep.

As the Mason Order, attackers must complete the following objectives:

  • Objective 1- Blow up the shoreline defense towers
  • Objective 2 – Breach the stronghold’s bell tower
  • Objective 3 – Destroy the stronghold’s banners
  • Objective 4 – Lower the drawbridge
  • Objective 5 – Capture the courtyard
  • Objective 6 – Kill Argon II

As the Agathian Knights, defenders must stop the Masons from completing each of these objectives. However, should they reach the sixth objective, the top scoring player will become the VIP and lead the charge to turn the tide of battle.

Some objectives will feature horse spawns and horses can be found within the map itself. Players can play the map in both the Mounted Warfare queue, the limited timed Winter War queue, the Training Grounds Queue, the 40 Player Mixed Modes queue, and the 64 Player Mixed Modes queue. It will also be present in the equivalent servers in Standalone Servers.

New VIP – King Argon II

The top player is crowned and must lead their team to victory! As King Argon II, the top scoring player must raise two banners and reclaim the lost ground. The other players on Agatha must defend the VIP at all cost, as only Argon II can reclaim the stronghold for the Agatha Knights. Failure to do so will result in a crippling defeat for the blue and gold.. Follow your proclaimed leader to victory (or defeat if they are proven to be lacking in such qualities).

There are multiple pathways in this map. Attackers and defenders must be aware and choose wisely!


Reimagined for Chivalry 2, the Quarterstaff makes a return! Designed for the Crusader class, this weapon has quick short ranged slash attacks and slow mid-long ranged stabs and overheads. In addition, it has a unique special attack that can cleave through opponents and is more efficient at blocking, reducing stamina consumption on block. It will take a little more effort to disarm the person wielding it in comparison to other weapons!

This weapon comes with three customization options: Combat Grip, The Priest, and Fruit of Bridgetown.

Gladiator Armour and VO Bundle

New bundle added to the Chivalry 2 Store including:

  • Mason Vanguard Gladiator Armour
  • Voice Option – Gladiator
  • Unique In-game Player Title – The Gladiator

Changes Made Since Public Test:

  • Fixed an issue with the catapult launching players standing close to the catapult
  • Applied +5 damage to all katar attacks (except the special)
  • Adjusted the quarterstaff tracers on special attack to make it more consistent
  • Fixed a spawning under map spawn in Assault on Thayic Stronghold
  • Assault on Thayic Stronghold Stage 1: Moved defender spawns back 20 meters
  • Assault on Thayic Stronghold Stage 2: Moved defender spawns forward 15 meters
  • Assault on Thayic Stronghold Stage 2: Decreased defender spawn times from 15 seconds to 12 seconds
  • Assault on Thayic Stronghold Stage 3: Increase banner health from 300 to 500
  • Assault on Thayic Stronghold Stage 5: Attacker Bailey spawns have been moved back
  • Assault on Thayic Stronghold Stage 5: Lowered Defender spawn time from 10 to 5 seconds
  • Assault on Thayic Stronghold Stage 5: Reduce Argon interaction time on the flags from 10 to 7 seconds
  • Assault on Thayic Stronghold Stage 5: An additional 90 seconds is added after Argon captures the first flag
  • Assault on Thayic Stronghold: Adjusted a bench that would cause players to get stuck after sitting

Weapons and Carryables


  • Javelins no longer interrupt an opponent’s attack when thrown

We have noted a lot of recent discussion regarding the Javelins and how they can feel to fight against. We have made a change to resolve 2 issues: One where the Javelin feels very oppressive with its interrupt to regular players. Two, VIPs no longer have the issue of getting interrupted by it.


  • Fixed an issue where offhand items could not be equipped after switching weapons
  • Fixed an issue where sprint attack would not do damage during Footman’s sprint charge
  • Fixed an issue where the special attack’s second hit would be unblockable after blocking the first hit
  • Fixed an issue where the weapon tracers were less accurate during a few attacks


  • Increased slash attack damage values by 5
    • Slash: 40 → 45
    • Heavy Slash: 55 → 60

Poleaxe as a cult favourite had a request to make it a little bit more popular. We have slightly increased the appeal of the weapon as a contender in the sandbox.

New Carryables

  • Bed Warming Pan
  • Frozen Fish
  • Leg of Meat
  • Pig Head
  • Painting
  • Taxidermy Rabbit
  • Taxidermy Deer
  • Taxidermy Bear (known to TBS as “Honey”)


New Customization


  • Huscarl Footman Armour and additional Huscarl Winter and Royal Huscarl variants (Winter War Campaign)
  • Huscarl Footman Helmet with additional Weathered, Engraved, Royal variants (Winter War Campaign)
  • Voice Option – Northman


  • Gladiator Armour (as part of the Gladiator bundle)
  • Vanguard Askandir Veteran Armor – was mistakenly included in the last patch in an unfinished state
  • Footman Seafarer Helmets, with Weathered, Engraved, and War variants (Winter War Campaign)
  • Voice Option – Gladiator (as part of the Gladiator bundle)


  • Santa Hat (Chivmas)
  • Reindeer Hat (Chivmas)


  • Battle Axe – Norse Battle Axe with Weathered, Norse, Carved, and Huscarl variants (Winter War Campaign)
  • Maul – Rune Hammer with Engraved, Golden, and Thayic variants (Winter War Campaign)
  • Arming Sword – Guard Sword with Rusty, Royal, and Engraved variants (Winter War Campaign)


  • Frostbite Imperfection

Customization Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where equipping no helmet would sometimes result in having a default helmet
  • Fixed several dismemberment issues and stretches for various armour sets
  • Fixed several gore texture issues for various armour sets
  • Fixed an issue where legacy voices would not be able to Battlecry through the Emote wheel
  • Renamed “Champion Axeman” armour to “Askandir Veteran Armour”
  • Tweaked Malric’s Armour set from the King’s Edition to appear darker in certain maps
  • Snowman helmets now have faction variants


New Interactable Objects:

  • Rope Ladders (currently only featured in Stronghold)
  • Breakable Ice (currently only featured in Stronghold)


  • Fixed an issue where jab would have range inconsistencies while looking up or down
  • Increased 1h jab timeout when inputted out of a deflected state (such as when being countered)

Hit regulation on jabs was noted to be inconsistent, especially when jabbing someone who is crouched when it feels like it should have hit. We did a review of the jab tracers and made an adjustment so that the range of the jab should be a lot more consistent whether you’re pitched up, neutral, or down.


  • Reduced maximum number of horses from 12 to 8 (four per team)
  • Fixed an issue where placed spike traps and bear traps would not damage the horse
  • Fixed an issue where certain environmental spike traps would damage horses when destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s shield would not be auto equipped when their lance breaks
  • Fixed an issue where bandages would not be supplied from ammo boxes while on horseback
  • Fixed an issue where killing a horse with a lance would guarantee a hit on the rider
  • Fixed an issue where colliding with another rider would result in a slowed movement state
  • Fixed an issue where the horse would appear sliding to others while battlecrying


  • Fixed an issue where the texture would become misaligned when knocked down in FFA
  • Fixed an exploit where players could place unlimited pavises while jumping from a higher level
  • Fixed an issue where the pavise would displace character movement after being kicked


  • Fixed an issue where throwing and ranged weapons would not deal damage if thrown right after the thrower’s death
  • Fixed an issue where throwing weapons would not refill from ammo barrels


  • Further fixes to prevent players being able to turn into a sprint attack from 180 degrees
  • Fixed an issue where dismounting horses and siege weapons  would change your game perspective (first person to third person, vice versa)
  • Fixed an exploit where players could launch themselves at incredible speeds with the one handed spear and javelin special attack. Pogo sticks haven’t been invented yet!
  • Fixed an issue where attacks could combo into a slash after hitting a teammate
  • Fixed an issue where thwacking weapons would not combo after inputting another attack on hit
  • Fixed an issue where the player could Forgive themselves when being pushed into an environmental kill zone. We do however continue to encourage self-forgiveness in general



  • Players are now awarded additional XP when auto balanced

A noted frustration from players is being auto balanced while playing in a match. To make this a little bit smoother, we automatically award a block of additional XP to the player when they are balanced in this way.

Beginner Mode:

  • Renamed to “Training Grounds”


  • Further fixes made to prevent rare instances of uneven teams in 3v3


  • Bots now only backfill until 5 players are in the server, then it is player-only from that point on

We took note of a feedback discussion where FFA players would prefer to just play against players. To make sure that players are never by themselves in a FFA server, we have added bots up until 5 players join, where from then on players will only be fighting each other.



  • Fixed an issue where Agathians would sometimes spawn in water during the intro sequence
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive delayed spawns during the end of objective Stage 4
  • Adjusted horse collisions for certain areas in objective Stage 3


  • Fixed an issue where the lighthouse arches were missing weapon collision
  • Fixed an exploit where Masons could burn the books early, breaking the last objective stage. If those Masons could read this they’d be very upset.


  • Fixed a rare occurrence where Masons could spawn inside a cliff


  • Fixed agatha peasants from not having any emotes available to them. Their vow of silence has lifted.


  • Added horses for Mounted Warfare
  • Fixed an issue where a spawn ramp had improper lighting
  • Fixed an issue where Masons could linger in Agatha spawns during the first objective
  • Fixed an occurrence where not all players would spawn during Last Team Standing
  • Fixed several floating Chivmas decorations


  • Fixed an issue where monks would not spawn if the Masons broke through the Church gate too fast (too much time chanting and not enough time preparing!)
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard would show Tenosia during Last Team Standing


  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes experience a delayed respawn
  • Fixed an issue where pillars would appear floating at certain video settings and distances
  • Fixed an issue where certain textures would appear black on Low video settings
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s torso would briefly appear twisted when spawning on horse
  • Fixed camera and movement issues while spawning on horseback


Queue Changes

  • New Winter War Queue, available to play Nov 29 – Dec 8
  • Stronghold map added to the following matchmaking queues: Mounted Warfare, 64 Player Mixed, 40 Player, and Training Grounds
  • Stronghold added to 40 Mixed and 64 Mixed in the Standalone Servers


  • [All] – Fixed chase mechanic not working on consoles
  • [PS5] – Fixed an issue where trophy progress would reset when entering a new map
  • [PS5] – Fixed an issue with customization resetting after each play session

Performance and Crash Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Resolution settings would not save
  • Fixed a server crash that would occur when suiciding on horseback


  • Fixed an issue where ragdolls would sometimes fall through the map after playing a death by a projectile animation
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be stuck in the falling animation state after throwing their weapon while jumping and crouching
  • Fixed an issue where crossbow would have inconsistent animations while on horseback


  • Added new VO characters for Mason and Agatha
    • Northman for Agatha
    • Gladiator for Mason
  • Fixed an issue where no sound would play when headbutting with Katars


  • UI adjustments and additions made for Campaigns
  • Adjusted the distance when interactable objects would be highlighted while directly looking at them
  • Fixed an issue where the Heavy Attack input bar would linger after being interrupted by an attack
  • Riposte and Counter text now remain on screen only for the duration of the active parry window
  • Fixed an issue where accepting a cavalry wave would result in UI still appearing in regards to filled slots
  • Fixed an issue where ammo crates would not have any UI when player is riding on a horse
  • Objective-based VIPs now see their own unique objective text:
    • Dark Forest – “SURVIVE”
    • Rudhelm – “SURVIVE”
    • Falmire – “ESCAPE TO THE SHIP”
    • Aberfell – “SURVIVE” 
  • LTS Galencourt Scoreboard once again properly shows the right factions and player names

We’ve made an adjustment to how long “Counter Success” and “Riposte” text remains on screen to clear up confusions of how long active parry lasts. We hope this will make it more clear what is a valid hit vs not.


  • Fixed an issue where the Join Game button on the social screen would not bring the user to a friend’s game (For Standalone Servers)
  • Further improvements made to prevent VIPs from being votekicked

Known Issues

Top Known Issues as of November 30, 2022


  • Occasional screen freezes when playing
  • Micro-teleports from your player and other players may occasionally be experienced
  • Weapons may sometimes hit earlier/later than expected in a low ping server
  • Occasional state mismatch between client and server for counter success or riposte success


  • The game must be rebooted to access previously locked rewards after purchasing the Campaign halfway through progress.
  • Can take several seconds for user XP to be added


  • Stronghold – Ballistas under destroyed watchtowers in stage 1 are invisible after repaired
  • Entering spectator mode quickly before the warm up/round start countdown is finished breaks the UI player total in LTS maps.

Console-Specific Issues

  • PS4 texture resolutions on Bulwark are lower than intended
  • Possibility of Xbox Parties being dropped on map changes
  • Last Gen Consoles may load in late to Assault on Thayic Castle


  • Selecting the Winter War panel on the main menu does not bring up the Winter War messaging
  • Motion Blur Settings may not save correctly
  • Passworded Servers on Console require a keyboard to enter the password


  • Potential for music overlap during cinematic/dynamic level music in Assault On Thayic Stronghold
  • Argon II Entrance line is not affected by announcer audio busses in Assault on Thayic Stronghold
  • Spawning in third person can lead to audio muffling depending on the map area (To fix, switch from third to first, and then back to third)
  • TO_Stronghold – Victory music does not play if Argon succeeds in the last objective