Campaign Pass is Coming to Chivalry 2!

In our next update – the Winter War Content Update – Chivalry 2 will be introducing a new progression feature known as the Campaign Pass to the game. In order to prepare you for their arrival we’ve prepared a quick overview of what to expect.

What is a Campaign Pass?

Similar to a traditional Battle Pass, players earn in-game rewards such as currency (gold and crowns) and armoury items (weapon skins, armour, helmets, in-game player titles, and imperfections) as they play. Your progress on your active campaign pass can be accessed through a progress bar that will be present on the main menu.

How Does The Campaign Pass Work?

All players will receive free Campaign Pass rewards (gold, crowns, and armoury items) just for playing as you normally would. All global XP earned while playing Chivalry 2  is counted towards this campaign pass progress. By default, the active campaign pass is assigned to all players, meaning you won’t need to do anything to turn it on and the free track of Winter War will be set to active when you download the Winter War update.

The Winter War Campaign Pass is a permanent campaign pass that has no time limit so you can earn rewards at your own pace. Future campaign passes to Chivalry 2 may be permanent or timed based depending on the update. This also means that we do have plans for future campaign passes based on future Chivalry 2 updates.

Upgrading Your Campaign Pass

All players can play their campaign pass for free, or choose to upgrade to unlock premium rewards. Upgrading will grant additional premium item tiers that are exclusive to the campaign pass. A list of the exclusive premium items for the Winter War campaign pass can be found below.

The Winter War Pass for the premium campaign pass can be purchased for 1000 Crowns in-game.

Winter War Campaign Pass Rewards

The following list includes all of the Winter War exclusive rewards that you can earn when completing your Winter War campaign pass.

The free version of the Winter War Campaign pass includes:

  • Weathered Norse Battle Axe
  • Weathered Seafarer Helmet
  • Weathered Huscarl Helmet
  • Seafarer Helmet
  • Huscarl Armor
  • Norse Battle Axe
  • Huscarl Helmet
  • Carved Norse Battle Axe
  • Winter Warrior Player Title
  • Huscarl Battle Axe
  • Runesinger Player Title
  • 9000 gold
  • 300 crowns

In addition to the free tiers, the upgraded Winter War Pass grants additional exclusive campaign pass items, which include:

  • Stonemason Hammer
  • Seafarer Player Title
  • Rusty Guard Sword
  • The Stronghold Player Title
  • Rune Hammer
  • Royal Guard Sword
  • Engraved Seafarer Helmet
  • Huscarl Winter Armor
  • Engraved Guard Sword
  • Engraved Rune Hanmer
  • Frostbite Imperfection
  • Royal Huscarl Sword
  • Seafarer War Helmet
  • Engraved Huscarl Helmet
  • Golden Rune Hammer
  • Thayic Rune Hammer
  • Royal Huscarl Helmet
  • Royal Huscarl Armor
  • 3000 gold

Winter War Cosmetic Rewards

Agatha Huscarl Footman Armour and additional Huscarl Winter and Royal Huscarl variants

Agatha Huscarl Footman Helmets, with additional Weathered, Engraved, Royal variants

Mason Footman Seafarer Helmets, with Weathered, Engraved, and War variants

Frostbite Imperfection

Maul – Rune Hammer, with additional Rusty, Engraved, Golden, and Thayic variants

Battle Axe – Norse Battle Axe, with additional Weathered, Norse, Carved, and Huscarl variants

Arming Sword – Guard Sword, with additional Rusty, Royal, and Engraved variants