In-game Event: Halloween in Chivalry 2!

There’s a chill on the battlefield as Halloween returns to Chivalry 2.

Wear a pumpkin on your head or throw a pumpkin at your enemies! New Tenosian map TDM Desert, as well as TO Darkforest, TO Rudhelm Siege (with horses), and TDM Wardenglade (with horses) are all decorated for this spookiest of seasons.

Halloween runs Oct 18 – Nov 1 in Chivalry 2! It features:
  • Three Halloween Pumpkin Helmets for all factions – Spooky, Sad and Goofy
  • Jack O Lantern carryables (two large 2h versions, one small 1h version)
  • Pumpkins as Catapult Ammo
  • Interactable grave plots – pick up a spare arm, its previous owner doesn’t need it anyways
  • Body part carryables + weapon racks, baskets and piles of limbs and bones
  • A hidden ghost? Spooky!
  • Halloween themed Main Menu
  • Coffin carryable item
  • Ghost statues
  • Witch Cauldrons that act as weapon racks, giving skulls
  • Halloween decorated maps: TDM Desert, TDM Wardenglade (with horses), TO Rudhelm (with horses), and TO Dark Forest