Chivalry 2 Content Update – Reinforced Update Patch Notes (2.6)

Update 2.6 is here! The Reinforced Update features a new TDM/FFA map known as Hippodrome, new dual-wielded Katar weapon, new player customization for Tenosia, horses added to some existing maps, and more! Read on below for all the details.

Update Highlights

  • Chivalry 2 is now on Game Pass!
  • New Weapon for Ambusher – Katars!
  • New TDM / FFA map – Hippodrome!
  • Large amount of combat balancing improvements!
  • Horses added to The Raid on Aberfell and The Siege of Rudhelm!

King’s Edition 

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, we’re excited to introduce a regal new edition of Chivalry 2! Buy Chivalry 2 King’s Edition now to get the following content:

  • Rebel King’s Armor and War Helmet
    • Don the legendary armor worn by General Malric at the Battle of Stoneshill.
  • Feydrid’s Aegis Armor and War Crown
    • Fight for glory and honor with the Steward King Feydrid’s royal set.
  • Duke’s Talon and Kralle of Bridgetown Shields
    • Protect yourself with the Duke’s Talon (Mason Shield) and Kralle of Bridgetown (Agathian Shield).
  • Surrender Flag Novelty Item
    • Live to fight another day with this novelty item, added to your spawn-in inventory.
  • 1000 Crowns + 5000 Gold
    • Receive 1000 Crowns (premium currency) – and 5000 Gold (earnable currency), used to unlock new armor, weapon appearances and more!

Chivalry 2 King’s Edition is available for $59.99 USD (or local equivalent) and also as an upgrade from the base or Special Edition, on EGS, Steam, and In-game. Coming soon to consoles.

Matchmaking and Server Browser

Team Assignment

  • Applied team switching restrictions the moment a given match is loaded instead of during the warm-up
    • If your previous team has 32 players including yourself, and the other team has 30 – you are allowed to switch manually.
    • If your previous team has 32 players including yourself, and the other team has 29 – you are allowed to switch manually.
    • If your previous team has 32 players including yourself, and the other team has 31 – you are not allowed to switch manually.
    • Auto-balance is not affected by this change. This change only addresses the permissions for manual team switching.

With team switching being a hot topic among the community, we have increased the restrictions that allow flexible team switching to uneven numbers. Originally, there was a grace period between the match warmup that would allow greater flexibility on choosing your team. Unfortunately, this also enabled teams to become one sided depending on: who was switching, and how many were switching.

We have since applied the above restrictions directly upon loading into the match. In the interest of considering player-organized events, we have applied this restriction to matchmaking servers; standalone servers are unaffected by this change. We will continue to monitor the results of this change once it goes live.

Matchmaking Queues

By popular demand, we have now added the Tenosian maps (no horse variants) to 64 player mixed modes!

Tenosian Invasion queue renamed to Mounted Warfare

  • Maps added:
    • Hippodrome (Team Deathmatch)
    • The Raid of Aberfell (with horses)
    • The Siege of Rudhelm (with horses)

64 Player Mixed Modes

  • Maps added:
    • Breach of Baudwin (no horses)
    • Razing of Askandir (no horses)
    • Desert (no horses)

40 Player Mode

  • Maps added:
    • Hippodrome (Team Deathmatch)
    • The Raid of Aberfell (with horses)
    • The Siege of Rudhelm (with horses)
  • Maps removed:
    • The Raid of Aberfell (no horses)
    • The Siege of Rudhelm (no horses)

Beginner Queue

  • Maps added:
    • Siege of Rudhelm (with horses)
  • Maps removed:
    • Siege of Rudhelm (without horses)


  • No changes

Server Browser

  • LTS:
    • No changes
  • Duels:
    • Hippodrome (Free for All) added as its own server per region

FFA Hippodrome has been added to its own server set to allow players to informally joust with Horses. This will be the only map in rotation for this type of duel server.

  • 40 Mixed
    • Maps added:
      • Hippodrome (Team Deathmatch)
      • Raid of Aberfell (with horses)
      • Siege of Rudhelm (with horses)
  • Maps removed:
    • Raid of Aberfell (no horses)
    • Siege of Rudhelm (no horses)
  • Free For All
    • Hippodrome (Free for All) added

Weapons and Carryables

New Weapon – Katars

  • Katars operate under the same counter rules seen in spears (ie. a stab input will counter a Katar’s slash and stab attack)
  • The special is quick and has the chance of hitting an opponent twice
  • When inputting Jab, players wielding Katars will headbutt instead of a standard weapon jab
  • Slash, stab, and overhead attacks of the Katars will not cause the opponent to flinch when you successfully land a hit

Highland Sword

  • Adjusted attack damage for the following attack types:
    • Slash: 60 → 50
    • Heavy Slash: 80 → 70
    • Overhead: 85 → 70
    • Other attacks kept as is
  • Increased turn limit during slash and heavy slash by 5 (Tighter turn limit)
  • Increased overall windup time slightly
    • Slash windup: 0.40 → 0.425
    • Heavy Slash windup: 0.60 → 0.625
    • Overhead windup: 0.45 → 0.475
    • Heavy Overhead windup: 0.60 → 0.625
    • Stab windup: 0.40 → 0.425

Community feedback prompted a review of the current placement of the highland sword within the game. We confirmed the weapon as one of the highest performing weapons due to some of its unique attributes of damage vs length. We’ve made some changes in combination with some bug fixes to make this weapon more pleasant to fight against while still maintaining some benefits of the overall weapon. 


  • Tightened turn cap to be more in line with other adjustments seen in spears


  • Decreased couching speed and camera zoom
  • Polished lance breaking (particles more visible, lance properly vanishes)
  • Couch is canceled when entering an Out of Combat zone

One Handed Spear

  • Reduced combo speed from 0.25 to 0.275
  • Reduced attack knockback slightly by 15%
  • Removed thwacking

Two Handed Spear

  • Reduced combo speed from 0.3 to 0.325
  • Reduced attack knockback slightly by 15%
  • Removed thwacking

Discussion with community members outlined some frustrations around the “fun” of the spear. In certain situations, the spear was noted to feel fairly oppressive, therefore the above solutions were explored for this update.


  • Increased size and altered overall shape



  • Can no longer dodge during the late stages of a counter’s windup. Dodging during the windup to a counter now behaves similarly to dodging during heavy attacks.

A counter attempt is a move that is intended to be a commitment. High level duels have been seen to use dodges to avoid punishment.


  • Made breakable fences breakable by horse momentum (seen in maps like Raid of Aberfell)
  • Added takedown score for killing an enemy horse
  • Improved horse collisions in relation to constructables
  • Adjusted horse fall damage to be similar to player fall damage (in terms of the percentage of their respective of health pool)
  • Horses now plays a more substantial reaction sound on impacting with the ground based on fall distance
  • Horses now stagger (play a specific animation) if they fall from a high distance
  • Horses that die from fall damage now ragdoll
  • Horses no longer stagger when hit by lance
  • VIPs can not ride horses (The heir’s ego is too big)
  • Improved horse navigation collision around siege ramps and catapults
  • Fixed an issue where mounting a horse would refill archer’s ammo
  • Fixed an issue where a vanguard sprint attack would stagger horse riders
  • Fixed an issue where horses could get stuck in constructable spikes if timed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where players could fall through the ground when being killed during horse dismount


  • Made jabs slower when comboing from 1.8 seconds to 2.0 seconds

Jabs have been noted to be particularly oppressive in some situations, we have added this functionality to allow the player to better react to different combat scenarios.


  • Ambusher:
    • New weapon – Katars
    • Changed special item to bandages
    • New Class Perk – Executioner

Ambushers now carry with them the new Executioner Perk, which allows the player’s final hit to be the killing blow instead of downing the player. In addition, the Quiver was deemed to not synergize with the Ambushers class role, so the Bandage kit was added instead to provide additional utility to the class and encourage greater team play from Ambusher players.


  • Fixed an issue where slash attacks would desync on slower weapons after blocking an attack while not making any movement or mouse inputs
  • Further adjustments to parry box to prevent jump stabs from being too oppressive
  • Further improvements made to projectile hit accuracy on impact with a player
  • Removed an exploit where hitting the environment with a special attack would reset attack delay
  • Decreased spawn invulnerability time for arena mode and initial spawn after warm up
  • Made the hanging chandelier hitbox slightly smaller
  • Fixed an issue where changing class on cavalry respawn would result in the wrong sub-class
  • Fixed an exploit where players could continuously sprint charge with polearms on footman
  • Fixed an exploit where players could earn points for destroying their own constructables in FFA
  • Fixed an exploit where the emote wheel would allow a player to instantly change direction during a special attack
  • Polished spear planting combat system
  • Fixed a camera desync issue that occurred when the player died while performing a special attack and using the Highland sword


Special Edition Content Add-on
  • Add-on is now purchasable on EGS and Microsoft Store. Not yet available in the PS store.

New Customization

  • Class exclusive armor sets are now available for Tenosia. The classes will no longer share light and heavy armor sets, however helmets can still be shared.
    • Vanguard:
      • New Furusiyya Armor
      • New Turban Helmet Set, with additional Chain and Gladiator variants
    • Footman:
      • Additional Aswaran Armor tier added – Tamar’s Battle Garb
    • Knight:
      • New Scythian Scale Armor
      • New Engraved Helmet Set, with Emerald and Eternal Guard Mask variants
  • FFA Heraldry
    • Added Mason and Agathian faction Heraldry to FFA
  • Katars
    • Katars
    • Maustika
    • Imperial Fang
    • Tigress Claws

Customization Adjustments

  • Fixed an issue where weapons would not appear customized until respawn
  • Fixed an issue where Tenosians would spawn with Agathian shields
  • Fixed an issue where the Tenosian Sipar Shield had an incorrect rarity
  • Fixed clipping issues with the “Full Mutton” hairstyle and certain Tenosian helmets
  • Fixed clipping issues with the “Elite Aswaran Helmet” and multiple head types
  • Adjusted the Tenosian armor’s roughness material to be more in line with other armor
  • Agatha Knight – Protector Helmet is now wearable with male head variants


New Map!

  • Hippodrome (Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All)
  • Playable in the Mounted Warfare Queue and 40p Mixed Modes

The Breach of Baudwyn:

  • Added No-Horse version to 64 Player Mixed Mode matchmaking queue
  • Geometry improvements made in areas of the main gate to prevent players from getting stuck
  • Removed an arrow ammo crate that was underground
  • Fixed an issue where the timer would end early during the first objective stage
  • Fixed an issue with Stage 4’s defender spawn sequence
  • Fixed an issue where carts during Stage 1 would react violently to thrown weapons
  • Fixed an issue where Tenosians would spawn run into the cannons during Stage 2
  • Fixed an issue where the banners would remain as Masons after being captured by Tenosia
  • Fixed an exploit where players could climb the wooden scaffolding in Stage 4
  • Fixed an exploit where players could reach unintended areas with constructables in Stage 4


  • Added invisible walls to prevent reaching out of combat areas

The Battle of Darkforest:

  • Adjusted spikes near the castle gate entrance to prevent players from getting stuck


  • Added No-Horse version to 64 Player Mixed Mode matchmaking queue
  • Adjusted starting spawns and intro cinematic
  • Fixed an issue where bots would be inactive during offline play for the first 20 seconds
  • Fixed an issue where an Agathian faction symbol would be present during the post match screen (there will be no Agathian spies within the Empire!)

Escape from Falmire:

  • Fixed an occurrence where Masons would spawn underground during Stage 3

The Fall of Lionspire:

  • Fixed an issue where bots would stay holding ladder pieces and idle during the last stage

The Raid on Aberfell:

Horses are now part of the map for the following objective stages in the 40 player queue:

  • Stage 1 – Village
    • 4 horses spawn in the village and will respawn if killed
    • Mason
      • 1 wave with 4 horses 2 minutes after the stage starts
      • Another wave of 4 horses 2 minutes after the first wave
  • Stage 3 – Hamlet
    • Agatha
      • 1 wave of 6 horses every 2 minutes after the stage starts
    • Mason
      • Horses part of the respawn waves (12 seconds)
      • Horse spawns will drop the more the zone is captured by Agatha
  • Fixed an issue where Agathians would spawn in water
  • Collision improvements to rocks on stage 4
  • Miscellaneous environment polish

The Razing of Askandir:

  • Added No-Horse version to 64 Player Mixed Mode matchmaking queue
  • Fixed an issue where bookcases would not show a HUD marker for Mason torch carriers
  • Stage 1 – adjusted defender combat zones to allow them be closer to the Mason ships
  • Stage 2 – improved capture bar to display faction capture more accurately
  • Fixed an issue where players could walk on water beside the bridge
  • Fixed an issue where the timer would end early during the first objective stage
  • Collision improvements

The Siege of Rudhelm:

  • Added Horses to Objectives Stage 1 and 3 in the 40 player queue
  • Fixed an exploit where the VIP could be pushed behind the throne



  • Increased XP rewarded based on length of time in a given match

Server Browser – Duelyards

    • Increased votekick penalty duration from 10 minutes to 30 minutes

We’ve increased the autonomy of individual duel servers by increasing the penalty for breaking duel server rules resulting in a votekick (note that the determination of this is initiated by the players inside the server itself.) We will continue to monitor the change. 

We have increased the reward for participating in longer sessions on a map (as Duel maps persist for 1 hour at a time)

Performance and Crash Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where holding jab and reloading crossbow on horseback would disconnect the player
  • Fixed a rare issue where a user would be stuck in spectator mode due to broken save files 
  • Further achievement fixes



  • Fixed an issue where Horses were not dynamically changing their level of detail at far distances
  • Fixed an issue where the trumpet would float in the air when using on horseback
  • Fixed an issue where horses would animate in place after the rider is killed
  • Improved horse head animation blending when strafing
  • Polished stirrup straps rigging on Tenosian horse
  • Added Unequipping and Equipping animations when mounting and dismounting a horse
  • Refined lance jab animation from couch


  • Polished first person Crossbow emote animations
  • Fixed an issue where the Tenosian horn would go through the player’s head in third person


  • Removed some pain sounds from all playable main VOs
  • Adjusted volume of impact sound when hitting walls or objects while on horseback
  • Improved crowd ambience dynamics


  • Improved Ban Messaging UI
  • Added UI indication for when hitting an enemy horse instead of an enemy player
  • Added UI element to indicate gallop speed and when lance is in a couchable state
  • Lowered lance crosshair indicators slightly
  • Updated Social Links UI
  • Reformatted Store Visuals and Layout
  • Further UI polish added to various sub-menus
  • Fixed an issue where the Cavalry Incoming banner would appear on certain maps without horses
  • Fixed an issue where Inventory Wheel would become stuck after cavalry prompt appearance
  • Fixed an issue where dying on a horse would cause the post-death UI to disappear
  • Various localization fixes


  • Improvements made to default controller layout
    • Changed commend default input (Now X on Xbox, Square on PlayStation) to prevent accidental inputs when dodging during death
    • Interactions take priority over emotes
      • If the player is in the interaction range AND looking at the interaction point then the interaction should take priority over the emote
      • “Interacting” now ‘consumes’ the input, requiring the button to be pressed again to open the wheel.
    • Wider timing range when throwing weapons
      • In order to avoid a perceived increase in input lag, the character should immediately begin their attack after an LB (PlayStation) / L1 (Xbox) or RB (PlayStation) or R1 (Xbox) press and then blend into a throw if the other button is pressed in time.
  • Set parity between PC and Console by matching the correlating binds for same attack feints. Left Stick (L3) is now the feint button for same side attacks on gamepad.
    • With the introduction of gamepass a change was made so that the functionality of attack feints match PC.
    • To Feint from slash to alt slash for example, the inputs would be: RT (Slash)> L3 (Left Stick press, Alt attack) + RT (Slash))
    • To Counter Feint from slash to alt slash, the inputs would be: (LT (Block) >RT (Slash)> L3 (Left Stick press, Alt attack) + RT (Slash))


  • Added Brightness Adjustment on all consoles
  • Added FOV slider on all consoles


  • Fixed an issue where votekicks could be circumvented by leaving and rejoining a given server
  • Fixed an issue where picking a team during the tutorial would skip the cinematic for the team
  • Applied counter measures for in-game speed hacking
  • Polished Tenosian Healing Banner model


Wear a pumpkin on your head or throw a pumpkin at your enemies! New map TDM Desert, as well as TO Darkforest, TO Rudhelm Siege (with horses), and TDM Wardenglade (with horses) are all decorated for the spooky season.

Halloween runs Oct 18 – Nov 1 in Chivalry 2! It features:

  • Spooky decorations on some of your favorite maps such as Darkforest and Rudhelm Siege, and the newly added Desert and Wardenglade (TDM Horses)
    • Added Halloween props and dressing to Desert
  • Wearable pumpkin helmets will be making a triumphant return 
    • Added Pumpkin Helmet for Tenosians
  • Changed Main Menu to Halloween theme!
  • Added Coffin carryable item
  • Added Pumpkins as Catapult Ammo



Top Known Issues


  • Active parries can be inconsistent
  • Micro-teleports from your player and other players may occasionally be experienced
  • Some regions have been experiencing higher than average ping
  • Weapons may sometimes hit earlier/later than expected in a low ping server
  • Next Attacks may be queued unintentionally after hitting an ally while still holding the attack button
  • Rare state mismatch between client and server for counter success or riposte success


  • Some server load-ins will force players to wear a default helmet when no helmet is selected

A potential fix was implemented for the no-helmet bug in our testing branch where the issue remained dormant for an extended period of time. Closer to the release of 2.6 it presented itself again, resulting in it being sent back. Unfortunately, this bug will remain in 2.6 while we continue work on it.

Console-specific issues

  • PS4 texture resolutions on Bulwark are lower than intended
  • PS5 Customization may occasionally reset to default
  • Chase mechanic does not work on consoles
  • Possibility of Xbox Parties being dropped on map changes


  • Aberfell – possibility of a few Agathians dropping into water on first spawn
  • Aberfell – possibility of a few Masons spawning in the terrain in the last half of the protecting stones objective
  • Possibility of a skipped spawn on hippodrome
  • Bulwark – One Mason spawn can possibly spawn player inside cliff in the “Defend the Town Hall” Stage


  • Horses can enter a “quicksand” state where their movement is hindered by being hit a certain way


  • A friend’s Join game button does not behave as expected