New Chivalry 2 Music, 2.6 Matchmaking Changes & Community Guest – Twitch Stream Recap

Welcome to another Twitch stream recap blog! We’re hosting biweekly streams on our Twitch channel where we talk to Torn Banner developers, community members, and we’ll soon be debuting upcoming features! Be sure to follow us over on our Twitch profile so you get notified every time we go live.

You can watch a VOD of our latest stream here on our Twitch channel, or archived on our YouTube channel (link available soon).

New Official Music

The Chivalry 2 (Original Game Soundtrack) Vol. 2 by our composer J.D. Spears is now available!

Enjoy all of the music that’s been added to the game since our initial release, including new brawl tunes and of course our expansive collection of new Tenosia tracks. You can listen to the Tenosia tracks at the YouTube video below, and check out this link to stream the album.

2.6 Matchmaking Changes

A new update means new matchmaking changes, and in 2.6 we have some new things coming to our Play menu. The following changes will be implemented in our October update (the Reinforced Update).

One of these things we talked about in our last stream is the addition of horses being added to Team Objective maps Aberfell and Rudhelm in 40 player mode. In conjunction with Aberfell and Rudhelm, we’ll see our new map Team Deathmatch Hippodrome combined with our current Tenosian Invasion queue into a brand new queue called the Mounted Warfare queue, where you’ll be able to play the horse maps in one place.

The Horse version of Rudhelm will be added to Beginner Mode.

Our Tenosian maps without horses will be officially joining the 64p mixed modes queue as well, which includes: The Breach of Baudwin, The Razing of Askandir, and TDM Desert. We know players have been anticipating this since the Tenosian maps were released, and we’re happy to finally have these maps available in our 64p queue.

Weapon Customization Poll

After our Twitch stream we put up a poll on our social media to choose which weapon would get an upcoming weapon customization set. Across the board our community chose the War Axe as your winner! As the winner of poll, the War Axe will be getting a new weapon cosmetic set early next year. Thank you for your votes!

Discord Forums

If you haven’t been in our Discord lately we’ve done some reformatting of multiple channels inside our community Discord. Discord recently introduced a new forums feature, and we’ve adapted this featured for our bugs and feedback sections. This new format seems to be going over well with the community so far and has allowed us to quickly review the bugs and feedback that our community is sharing with us in a much more streamlined manner.

If you’re not in our official Discord already, be sure to join us over at

Community Guest – BrwnSuperman

In our latest stream we featured one of our community members and member of our Partner Program, BrwnSuperman.

Superman is a long-standing very active member of the community who’s over level 1000 in-game! He streams his Chivalry 2 gameplay on Twitch and also posts highlights and clips on his YouTube channel, including a series he called “Chivalry 2 Moments” which is definitely worth a watch.

In our stream with Superman, he chatted to us about what has drawn him to the game and what keeps him playing. “I have so much fun in this game and it’s sorta like gaming with friends in person again, before mostly all multiplayer became online. Streaming to Discord to friends wasn’t cutting it so I looked into Twitch streaming. It’s a fun hobby.”

As such a high-level, Superman recommends people change up their playstyles and play Team Objective to become an expert on the battlefield. He also emphasizes situational awareness.

“You’re playing against other humans. If you’re going to keep trying the same thing over and over and it’s not working, you’re going to frustrate yourself. You might get that dopamine hit when that low effort gaming works out once but in the long run you’re going to become predictable and get shut down. And while you’re learning, this is one of the few games where deaths are as nearly satisfying as getting kills.”

Superman also shared with us the Community League that he and a group of others within our competitive community are working on. The League will be a Team Objective, team-based competitive league. If that’s something that sounds interesting to you, check out the trailer above for more information and how to participate.

Upcoming Streaming Schedule

Be sure to follow the Torn Banner Studios Twitch channel and join us for our next Twitch stream at the beginning of October, and the release of the Reinforced Update. Be sure to stay tuned.

You can always stay up to date on the bigger items the team is working on at the Chivalry 2 Road Map. And don’t forget: for help be sure to visit the Chivalry 2 Knowledge Base and Support Site, community discourse – Discord, follow us on Twitch, and read all the latest news on our Social (Twitter & Facebook).