Chivalry 2 Content Update – Tenosian Invasion Patch Notes (2.5)


The biggest update yet for Chivalry 2, Tenosian Invasion (2.5) brings warriors to a new theater of war, with the new Tenosian faction, two huge Team Objective maps, two Team Deathmatch maps and much more! Ride to war on horseback with an all-new mounted combat system, and console players can now join players on all platforms with the new Console Server Browser!

This massive update celebrates the Steam release of Chivalry 2, and opens an exciting new chapter in the civil war.

Update Highlights

  • Steam Release!
  • Horses!
  • New playable Faction – Tenosian faction!
  • Four new maps (Two TO maps and two TDM maps)!
  • Added Achievements for PC Players on EGS and Steam!
  • Console Server Browser!
  • Large amount of combat balance improvements

New Faction – Tenosia

Tenosia, the strange lands to the south, have long hovered as a distant threat over the lands of Agatha. They are best known to Chivalry (2012) players as the target of a failed crusade that led to the death of King Argon the First. Tenosia therefore played a key role in igniting the civil war between the Mason Order and Agatha Knights.

Now the serpent empire emerges from the shadows, intent on sinking their fangs into the barbarous lands of the north. Ride to war on horseback as Tenosia or the Mason Order!

With this new faction comes a variety of customization additions. When playing for Tenosia, expect visual and audio differences in armour, helmet, weapon skins, heraldry, new voices, and more!

Horse Combat

Spawning on Horseback

  • Horses are currently only present in the new maps featured in this update.
  • For the Team Objective maps featuring horses, players will receive a prompt to Join the Cavalry, allowing them to spawn on a horse during the next wave of cavalry. These spawns are limited and players will be randomly selected. Horses can also be found on the map itself for players to mount.
  • For Team Deathmatch maps featuring horses, players will be randomly selected to spawn with a horse upon death.
  • Up to twelve active horses can be present at one time.

Horse Movement and Attacks

  • Horses can kick opponents in front and behind them with jab (R on keyboard, R3 press on controller) and kick (F on keyboard, Circle on PlayStation controller, B on Xbox controller) inputs.
  • Horses have various states of speed. Once a horse reaches a gallop after naturally increasing its running speed, the rider is able to knock over opponents similarly to how a player gets tackled on foot.
  • As a horse builds up speed, the harder it will be to turn with the horse. Turning a horse involves looking where you want to go using your mouse/controller sticks.
  • Using Sprint inputs will cause the horse to reach a full gallop and build even more speed.

Weapons on Horseback

  • Standard weapons can attack normally while on horseback.
  • As the rider moves, the weapon’s damage output will multiply based on the horse’s speed. All melee weapon based attacks will receive this multiplier.
  • A few weapons will have a different special attack while on horseback:
    • Highland Sword – Low sweeping attack on the right side
    • Two-handed Spear – Hard hitting stab attack
    • Lance – Couching (see couching explanation in Lance Combat section below)

Lance Combat

  • Players will spawn with a lance in hand during a cavalry spawn wave.
  • When a gallop is reached, attack inputs will turn into a focused, constantly active horizontal state known as “couching”. If aimed accurately, the rider will deal massive damage to an opponent. Players can input a timed lunge for extra damage during this state.
  • Couching will cause a player’s stamina to drain over time. If there is not enough stamina, a normal stab attack will be used instead.
  • The lance will break after three successful hits. The player’s primary weapon will be drawn in its place.


New 52 Player Maps

The Breach of Baudwyn (Team Objective)
Built by the Agathian commander of the same name during King Argon’s rule and fall, the long standing bulwark separates the lands of the north and south. No army has ever attempted to break through… until now. Bringing with them firepower unheard of, the Tenosians breach the town’s gate and markets in an attempt to blast through the bulwark with bombastic bombards, a demonstration of their engineering prowess.

As Tenosia, attackers must clear the following objectives:

  • Objective 1 – Push the siege ramps to the walls
  • Objective 2 – Destroy the ballistas and catapults along the walls
  • Objective 3 – Capture the market
  • Objective 4 – Take control of the town hall
  • Objective 5 – Push the bombards, load them, and fire at the bulwark

This map will also feature cavalry waves during certain objectives.

The Razing of Askandir (Team Objective)
Reacting to their call for war against the North, the Masons set sail to the port city of Askandir to demolish the city lighthouse and set the Tenosian library ablaze.

As Masons, the attackers must complete the following objectives:

  • Objective 1 – Destroy the lighthouse with petards (Tenosians can disarm them)
  • Objective 2 – Take control of the bridge
  • Objective 3 – Push over the city columns
  • Objective 4 – Dismantle the astrolabes
  • Objective 5 – Burn the library’s bookshelves (Tenosians can use water jugs to put out the fires)

This map will also feature cavalry waves during certain objectives.

Desert (Team Deathmatch)
A battle on the outskirts of Baudwyn in the dark, cold night. After the fall of the bulwark, the Tenosians regroup for another assault only to be greeted by the Mason Order’s vengeful frontal force.

Players will fight each other in the ruins with cavalry support. A lone ballista is present in the middle. Taking control of this ballista will increase the odds in achieving victory!

The Charge of Wardenglade (Team Deathmatch)
The classic open field of Wardenglade, now with horses! This map is not present in the public test.


Updated Items, Post- May 31 Public Test

  • Players now consistently spawn when starting as an archer
  • Horses now animate after landing from a height or after bumping into objects
  • Players no longer have a chance of spawning inside the horse 
  • Players are now invincible for 2.5 seconds after spawn
  • Players should now consistenly spawn on a horse when entering a horse spawn wave
  • Razing of Askandir – Mason Commander VO no longer overlaps in the last stage
  • Desert – Tenosia players should no longer run into spikes on spawn
  • Desert – Combat zone limit adjustments to prevent spawn camping
  • Horses should no longer get stuck in gallop state when colliding with actors
  • Tenosian shields now properly change factions when picked up
  • Cleaned up some floating ambient corpse locations


The Breach of Baudwyn: 

  • Lighting is now properly built


The Razing of Askandir:

  • Smoothened out stair collision in stage 1


Patch Notes


  • Fixed an exploit where the rock walls could be jumped over without knocking them down
  • Fixed an issue where accepting the Mason forward spawn would drop players off a small cliff
  • Fixed an issue where toppled stones would not replicate properly when joining mid-match
  • Fixed an issue where the tower would still explode if defenders successfully defended it
  • Fixed an issue where switching to Agatha during the warm up timer sequence would sometimes place the player under water
  • Fixed an issue where pigs and peasants could still be interacted with after first objective
  • Fixed an issue where throwing pigs and peasants in the water near the main boat would count as a successful capture


  • Objective Balance Changes:
    • 40 Players
      • Stage 1
        • Central village gate will have 750 HP
        • Side village gates will have 500 HP
        • 8 out of 11 houses will need to be burned
        • Defenders respawn time – 15 seconds
      • Stage 2
        • Defenders respawn time – 10 seconds
      • Stage 3
        • Decreased the amount of gold needed for attackers to collect
        • Defenders respawn time – 12 seconds
      • Stage 4 
        • Decreased the amount of gold needed for attackers to collect
        • Defenders respawn time – 12 seconds
      • Stage 5
        • Objective Time – 4 minutes
        • There are 80 Tickets
  • 64 Players
    • Stage 1
      • Village gates will all have 1000 HP
      • 10 out of 11 houses will need to be burned
      • Defenders respawn time – 13 seconds
    • Stage 2
      • Defenders respawn time – 8 seconds
    • Stage 3
      • Defenders respawn time – 10 seconds
    • Stage 4
      • Defenders respawn time – 10 seconds
    • Stage 5
      • Objective Time – 5 minutes
      • There are 120 tickets
  • Fixed an exploit where engineers could scale up a tree during the last objective to avoid combat
  • Fixed an exploit where Agathians could avoid the out of combat prompt on spawn during the last objective

Due to player feedback, we have implemented a number of changes to Coxwell Balance to ensure an enjoyable experience. These changes primarily focus on giving defenders tools to better defend. For the 64 player mode, we have made it easier for defenders. For the 40 player mode, the last objective also now scales so that attackers have to kill less defenders for objective completion. 


  • Adjusted out of combat zone progression during the last objective for smoother transition
  • Fixed an issue where the warmup cinematic and first spawns wouldn’t trigger

Fighting Pit

  • Fixed an issue where players could survive falling into the spike pits
  • Fixed a spawn point that would allow players to fire projectiles from the air in FFA

Great Hall 

  • [PS5] – Fixed an issue where lighting was unintentionally dark


  • Fixed an issue where ragdoll collisions on the beach would result in splashes

Tournament Grounds

  • Fixed an issue where shooting an arrow from one end of the map to the other would cause the player to disconnect from the match

Team Balance

Team Auto Balance Adjustments

  • Auto Balance now begins at the start of the match
  • Before the match starts, there can be a difference of 2 players when switching teams
  • Auto Balance will not happen during a map’s last objective stage

Auto balance has been noted as a frustration for players. Part of the solution is to make sure that team switching after the game begins is minimal and that players aren’t unexpectedly switched to the opposite team during the last part of the match. We are looking at further solutions to address additional feedback we’ve received from team balance as well. 


New Customization

  • Armour
    • Mason / Agatha Peasant Caps (Exclusive Community Reward Item)
    • Tenosian Archer Akkadian Armour with Leather, Light Armour, and Mail Shirt variants
    • Tenosian Footman Aswaran Armour with Cavalier, Light Cavalier, and Elite Aswaran variants
    • Tenosian Helmets with Light, Battle, and Royal variants
    • Tenosian Heavy Helmets with Cavalier, Light Cavalier, Elite Aswaran, and Masked Aswaran variants
  • Dagger
    • Khanjar with Damascus, Ivory, and Jeweled variants
  • Falchion
    • Shamshir with Aged, Embellished, and Royal variants 
    • Karabela with Weather, Decorated, and Golden variants
  • Shields
    • Tenosian Small Shield – Worn Sipar and Sipar variants
    • Tenosian Medium Shield – Rusty Dipylon and Dipylon variants
    • Tenosian Large Shield – Worn Sparabara and Sparabara variants
  • Steam Timed-Exclusive Items – Unlock for free by following the Chivalry 2 community on Steam
    • Tenosian Exclusive Helmet
    • Mason Exclusive Helmet
    • Agatha Exclusive Helmet
  • Steam Timed-Exclusive Item – Free to Chivalry 1 owners (backwards compatible)
    • Steam Loyalty Helmet
  • Voice (Tenosia)
    • Haughty Councilor
    • Jolly Chef
    • Grizzled Sentinel
    • Professional Assassin


Bonus Damage UI

  • Bonus damage is now displayed on screen next to damage dealt
  • Bonus Damage UI can be toggled off in the Options menu

Disarm – Increased Cooldown

  • Increased dashing cooldown after being disarmed by 0.3s or seconds
  • Increased jab cooldown after being disarmed by 0.3
  • Increased cooldown to start another attack after being disarmed by 0.2
  • This is to allow easier follow up combo attacks after disarming an opponent

There is an expectation at higher levels of play that the effort and skill involved in reducing stamina to 0 should reward a free hit (Currently players have a chance to avoid by dodging out). For disarming rules, we are now making it easier to land the free hit as a reward. 

Horn – Overheal Changes

  • The Horn special item will now overheal only a certain amount based on a given player’s class:
    • Archers – 10 HP
    • Vanguard – 15 HP
    • Footman – 20 HP (previous standard value, remains unchanged for Footman)
    • Knight – 25 HP

Until now, overheal has given a standard bonus health value regardless of class. Currently, the survivability of archers and vanguards is slightly higher than expected for certain weapon types, while knights are a bit weaker. Changing the overheal values brings this vision more in line. We will continue to monitor this balance going forward.

Sprint Charges

  • Sprint charge attack’s turn rate limit has been tightened from 65% to 70%
  • Sprint tackle’s turn rate limit has been tightened from 70% to 72.5%
  • Fixed an exploit where players could jump during the beginning of a sprint charge
  • These changes are to allow dashes be more reliable when dodging sprint attacks

It was noted by community testers that sprint charge attacks have a very wide turn limit and can be difficult to read or react to. The changes here aim to make this a bit more consistent. Please note that the higher percentage above means that the angle is reduced. 

Turn Cap Changes

Turning while inputting special attacks and stab attacks made tighter (ie. higher number equals tighter turn cap) for the following weapons:

  • Special Attacks
    • Increased default special attack turn cap from 47.5 to 50
    • Increased one handed special attack turn cap from 47.5 to 55
    • Increased two handed special attack turn cap from 47.5 to 60

[These special attack adjustments are for all weapons, not just the ones listed below]

  • Greatsword
    • Increased stab turn cap from 47.5 to 52.5
    • Increased heavy stab turn cap from 50 to 55
  • Highland Sword
    • Decreased stab turn cap from 53 to 52.5
    • Increased heavy stab turn cap from 50 to 55
  • Messer
    • Increased stab turn cap from 45 to 50
    • Increased heavy stab from 47.5 to 52.5
  • Two-handed Spear
    • Increased slash turn cap from 40 to 47.5
    • Increased heavy slash turn cap from 42.5 to 50
    • Increased stab turn cap from 40 to 50
    • Increased heavy stab turn cap from 42.5 to 52.5
  • One-handed Spear
    • Increased slash turn cap from 45 to 47.5
    • Increased heavy slash turn cap from 47.5 to 50
    • Increased stab turn cap from 45 to 50
    • Increased heavy stab turn cap from 47.5 to 52.5
  • Lance
    • Increased slash turn cap from 40 to 55
    • Increased heavy slash turn cap from 42.5 to 57.5
    • Increased stab turn cap from 40 to 57.5
    • Increased heavy stab turn cap from 52.5 to 60

It was noted by community members that some weapons (mostly longer weapons) had a very wide stab compared to others. This has been refined to be more consistent and reactable. 


  • New siege equipment added – Bombards (must be loaded with cannon balls found on the map)
  • Increased the height of the parry box slightly to make blocking jump attacks more reliable
  • Increased collision area of hanging traps
  • Constructibles now cause weapons to thwack upon collision
  • Added class limit to Engineers

There existed an exploit where jumping with some long weapons at certain angles allowed for hits through blocking. We have adjusted the height of the parry box and will continue to monitor for further exploits.

We have increased the appeal of engineers by reviewing their place with community testers. With players being able to hit players behind walls and being able to destroy multiple walls easily, we have adjusted constructable collisions overall to thwack on hit. This means that your attack will hit constructables and finish instead of cleaving, giving an overall buff to using them. To make sure that engineers stay balanced, we have added a class limit of 12.5%. A team of 32 can have 4 per team. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where aim would be offsetted by specific spawn points
  • Fixed an issue where arrows and bolts could disarm a player blocking with a shield at 0 stamina
  • Fixed an issue where the healing banner would stop granting score after player death
  • Fixed a keybinding exploit where Vanguard’s leaping sprint attack could be done infinitely
  • Fixed an issue where the plank’s special attack would only do 15 damage
  • Implemented a fix to reduce the frequency of weapons becoming invisible during combat
  • Projectiles now more consistently hit their targets

Weapons and Carryables

  • New Carryables
    • Additional Books
    • Censer
    • Chamber Pots
    • Clay Pots
    • Lamp
    • Leather Balls
    • Metal Pourer
    • Metal Scrolls
    • Plates
    • Sandals
    • Shoes
    • Tea Cups
    • Tea Pots
    • Tenosian Metal Pots
    • Watermelons
    • Water Jars
  • Crossbow
    • Reduced damage output from 65 -> 50
  • Warhammer Balance Adjustment
    • Reduced slash damage from 50 to 45
    • Reduced heavy slash damage from 70 to 65
    • Increased overhead windup time from 0.125 to 0.15 seconds
    • Increased heavy overhead windup time from 0.375 to 0.4 seconds

Communications with our testing groups and examination of weapon metrics showed the Warhammer as a very powerful weapon. Speed and damage in addition to stamina damage were slightly overtuned and adjustments were made based on these discussions.


New Queue – Tenosian Invasion

  • In order to maintain performance integrity of the match due to the addition of horses, Tenosian Invasion has been capped to 52 players.
  • New maps only (Baudwyn, Askandir, Desert and the Charge of Wardenglade)

64 Player Mixed Modes

  • New maps not present in this queue
  • Coxwell has returned to the rotation!
  • The following Team Objective maps will appear in this order to be more in line narratively:
    • Lionspire → Galencourt → Aberfell

40 Player Mixed Modes

  • New maps included
  • Coxwell has returned to the rotation!
  • LTS has been removed and swapped back with TDM (LTS can be found in server browser instead)
  • Regular Wardenglade has been replaced with the Charge of Wardenglade
  • The following Team Objective maps will appear in this order to be more in line narratively:
    • Lionspire → Galencourt → Aberfell


  • The following Team Objective maps will appear in this order to be more in line narratively:
    • Lionspire → Galencourt → Aberfell


  • Moved to Server Browser

Arena – Duels

  • Renamed Duels queue to 1v1 Arena

Server Browser

  • Console players will now be able to access the servers listed in Server Browser (which are separate from matchmaking servers under Play > Standalone Servers)
  • This includes the Duelyard servers, previously allowed only for PC players, now available for all
  • The duel servers are an excellent way in testing your skills in a more impromptu environment
  • Duel servers have specific community driven rules:
    • Do not randomly attack other duelists (RDM)
    • When looking for a player to duel, flourish your weapon and wait for your opponent to flourish back. If they do, they have accepted your duel request
    • Avoid hitting other players in the middle of your duel
  • FFA replaces 64 player mixed modes in the server browser


Last Team Standing

  • Combat zones have been made smaller for all maps

In Last Team Standing, we noticed situations where final players would attempt to run from encounters and thereby extend the amount of time between rounds. This ultimately gave a less enjoyable experience for those waiting to respawn for the next round. 

Performance and Crash Fixes

  • [XB1/PS4] – optimizations made to blood decals
  • [XB1/PS4] – optimizations made to character LODs
  • [XB1/PS4] – optimizations made to lighting systems

We are always looking to improve the player experience. This update comes with some optimization targeting consoles. 


  • Arena – Fixed an issue where players were floating during the podium sequence
  • Added damaged visual variants to siege weapons (such as the ballista and catapult)
  • Adjusted parry animation pitch to be more accurate to general combat when looking down
  • Fixed an issue where the javelin would sometimes not visually appear in the player’s hand when throwing in first person
  • Fixed an issue where during the highland sword special attack, the players legs would not turn with the rest of the body while crouched in third person perspective
  • Fixed an issue where blood and drunk post processing effects would persist on map change
  • Improved Lance animations overall
  • Fixed an issue where player position would offset when grabbing a ladder in midair
  • Fixed an issue where the plank’s special attack animation would break after inputting from a riposte


  • Fixed an issue where bows would occasionally sound like swords when melee attacking or throwing
  • Fixed an issue where heartbeat audio would play during new map traversal and remain
  • New sound added when blocking an arrow with any weapon for reduced damage
  • Evil Queen VO – made hit screams less intense


  • Reduced the frequency of the Arrow Cam hint
  • Fixed an issue where player team counts were occasionally inaccurate on Team Select
  • Reworked Customization UI for Tenosian inclusion
  • Tenosian UI elements added overall
  • Overhauled UI for the Store tab
  • General UI improvements
  • Various localization text fixes

The addition of horses created an opportunity to visually distinguish weapon damage numbers and how they connect to damage types against classes. Since bonus damage is given to players riding on horses at certain speeds, we have unified these to give more information to the player.


  • [PC] – Added Achievements for both EGS and Steam
  • [PC] – Added a keybind option for novelty item equipment slot (default bind: 7)
  • Fixed an exploit where VIPs could be kicked for excessive team damage, resulting in the match being unable to be fully completed
  • Fixed an exploit where players could avoid being vote kicked by switching teams
  • Fixed an issue where players would unable to resume game control if the controller disconnected and reconnected in any of the Progression tab menus
  • Fixed various achievements not unlocking under the proper conditions

Based on player feedback we did a comprehensive sweep through our achievements and found some irregularities to fix. 

Votekick is a feature that we are also looking at improvements for, starting with this exploit fix

Known Issues


  • Main weapons may spawn in as default weapon until the weapon is swapped or thrown
  • Enemy weapons may appear invisible to the client on occasion
  • Combo attack into a Jab on Jab block can occasionally cause attacker to get disconnected from server
  • Tenosian shields don’t properly change faction when they are picked up
  • Oil pots don’t always consistently break
  • Unable to pick up sword when thrown if the skin is set to Cross Hilt Sword set
  • Jumping off a ladder and bouncing off a client can cause player to get stuck in a falling animation
  • Player who have lost an arm and then block a projectile visually have their arm return

Console-specific issues

  • Xbox parties sometimes fail to migrate to next map after finishing a match
  • Chase mechanic does not work on consoles
  • Xbox – Tutorial – No video soundtrack plays after selecting faction


  • Killing a player that is carrying a pig will cause the pig to float


  • Lance – Player will T-pose if picking up a thrown lance from a horse rider
  • Players may occasionally spawn in a cavalry wave without a horse
  • Occasionally unable to mount horse after killing rider and the horse trots off
  • Dismounting a horse for the first time may shift perspective
  • Horses have movement correction jitter on sloped stairs


  • Tenosia customization is missing Novelty items
  • Forward spawn may use a horse icon
  • Items constructed stat is not properly increasing
  • Weapon breakdowns stat isn’t accurately measuring deaths
  • Tenosian customization VO previews do not play
  • No message appears to let the player know that they are not able to join a server when the player’s party count exceeds available server player slots
  • Server Browser- Typing a part of a server name does not cause other unrelated servers to disappear
  • Dying on a horse causes post-death UI to disappear


  • Crossbow switches hands when dismounting a horse while wielding one


  • 1V1 Arena matches may experience occasional disconnects
  • Some sounds are occasionally muffled when spawning in third person
  • Using the VO Menu ‘Battlecry’ option with an Original Chivalry Personality results in the Battlecry not playing 
  • Horned helmet can’t be equipped to Agatha or Mason Knights