Chivalry 2 comes to Steam on June 12

The ultimate medieval battlefield comes to Steam on June 12 with its biggest content update ever!

Tenosian Invasion (Patch 2.5) brings warriors to a new theater of war, with the Tenosian faction, two huge Team Objective maps, two Team Deathmatch maps, and much more! Ride to war on horseback with an all-new mounted combat system, plus console players can join friends’ games directly on other platforms with the new Console Server Browser!

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This massive update celebrates the Steam release of Chivalry 2, and opens an exciting new chapter in the civil war.

Read an in-depth preview of the Tenosian Invasion update at PC Gamer!

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Visit our roadmap on Trello to see what’s coming next to Chivalry 2, plus look back at the content and improvements that have shipped into the live game so far.


Some new screenshots from the Tenosian Invasion update