Upcoming Hotfix Info (2.2.2 & 2.2.3)

Good morrow knights. Our current plan of action is to release a replication fix (2.2.2) later this week to improve players teleporting, warping, and popping at various distances. Internal testing has shown noticeable improvement in this area although there are still some issues that require additional development work to resolve.

Later this month, approximately mid-November, we plan to release 2.2.3 with additional fixes largely targeting issues that were introduced in the Fight Knight update. 

As the 2.2.3 patch is still in active development this is not a complete list of changes that may be included. This is only a list of fixes that we are relatively confident will make it into the patch. Such fixes are:

  • Riposte attacks sometimes weren’t animating to other players, causing players to damage you even when it looked like they didn’t swing
  • Attack not landing (swing through) that occurs when hitting someone’s missing arm while they’re attacking (more iteration is needed to resolve additional swing through cases)
  • Active riposte with a shield will no longer deal damage to the shield
  • Players getting anti-cheat kicked on console
  • Invisible bots occasionally spawning in LTS modes
  • Fixing players not be awarded score for takedowns properly
  • Fixing a bug in Brawl mode that delays players/bots from immediately moving when spawning
  • Fix for teams in Arena mode starting with an uneven amount of players
  • Customization related crash when mesh merging was occurring 
  • Server crash fix
  • Fix for Mason players being able to stand within a collision wall that Agatha cannot reach on Fighting Pit
  • Removing ammo crates on Falmire LTS

We continue to investigate other issues affecting players as well. We hope to include any of these issues we can fix before the deadline to make it into 2.2.3 and we will continue to keep you updated with our progress:

  • Console crashes
  • OCE/Asia/Japan server issues
  • Client hitches
  • Player movement during and/or after being in an interrupt state not animating as expected
  • Remaining animation issues where animations do not play as expected

We will continue to strive towards improving the state of the game and we thank you for your patience as we work towards addressing these issues.