Post-Launch Update re: Patch 2.2.0 (Fight Knight)

Earlier this week we released our latest free content update, Fight Knight (2.2), to the public. There have been a few critical and complex issues that we have run up against and we want to let the community know that we are aware of these issues and are in the process of developing solutions to address them. Due to the complexity and the severity of some of these issues, we can’t provide an ETA on when this list of issues will be fully resolved. This is not an exhaustive list of all bugs/issues, but includes some of the top concerns from the community (and Torn Banner):

1. Performance

We want to clearly acknowledge this multi-pronged issue and make it known that this is the top concern for Torn Banner. The combat experience is negatively impacted by multiple performance related issues. Some of these issues may be experienced as:

  • Animations not playing, likely caused by a low replication rates especially when players are not directly in eyeline, and low animation update rates generally
  • Client-side performance hitches
  • De-sync and hit-registration appearing off with hits not landing or landing too early. This may be caused by the low animation update rates we’re seeing but more investigation is needed.
  • Client-side teleporting/warping around, especially if players are at a distance.

These issues as a whole have been an ongoing difficulty for Chivalry 2, and is not something that we take lightly. The task of fixing these multiple issues is something that we unfortunately anticipate taking some time to fully resolve. However, the speed at which we work to do so does not accurately reflect our priority level of this issue. We have assembled an internal attack force, as well as brought on new members of the dev team, to focus on these issues specifically affecting the combat experience.

2. Game and Server Crashes

We have seen an increased number of crashes, on PlayStation 5 in particular, but crashes on PS4 and Xbox still remain an issue. Resolving these crashes is a top most priority for the team and we look to resolve these as quickly as possible in upcoming updates/hotfixes.

3. Stats Reset

When stats were originally released as part of the CU1 update, we released them into a testing/beta stage. Since their introduction stats have gone through iterations and at times have calculated and displayed stats data incorrectly. It was decided that a reset of those stats would be performed so we would be able to accurately track stats going forward. This was a failure of communication on our part and we apologize for not properly warning players that this would be taking place.

4. Anti-cheat kicks (on console)

Some console players are currently experiencing being kicked from games due to an “Anti-cheat” warning that appears. This is not intentional and we are currently investigating why players are receiving these game warnings. The anti-cheat kick will have no impact on players’ console users accounts (accounts will not be penalized/banned) as a result of this bug.

5. Bug – Invisible Bots

Players have reported to us that sometimes Bots on certain maps/modes can become invisible and players may feel like they are hit out of nowhere due to this. This bug is under investigation.

6. Bug – Players aren’t awarded score for takedowns

We have a fix in testing regarding how score in-game is now awarded to players as of this recent update. While takedowns themselves tally as normal, the score for takedowns is not added to the players score. This is not an intentional change.

Update: 400 free crowns

With update 2.2, players were meant to be awarded 400 crowns into their inventory. Unfortunately this process was not successful. It remains our plan to award these out to players and we will update you when we have a solution to this.

We recognize that these issues have been a frustrating experience for players and we want to reiterate that our commitment to resolving these issues fully remains our top priority. We will be providing progress updates to the community regarding these issues as we move forward. We invite you connect with us and continue to relay your concerns and other feedback in our Discord server.