Chivalry 2 Content Update – Fight Knight Patch Notes (2.2)

Chivalry 2’s huge Fight Knight update will launch tomorrow (October 26, 2021) at 8am PT / 11am ET / 5pm CET. We’re so excited to bring you the second major update for Chivalry 2!

2.2.0 Patch Notes


  • Three Halloween Pumpkin Helmets – Spooky, Sad and Goofy
  • Jack O Lantern carryables (two large 2h versions, one small 1h version)
  • Interactable grave plots – pick up a spare arm, its previous owner doesn’t need it anyways
  • Body part carryables (assets already existed) + weapon racks, baskets and piles of limbs and bones (assets already existed)
  • A hidden ghost? Spooky! 
  • Ghost statues
  • Witch Cauldrons that act as weapon racks, giving skulls
  • Halloween decorated maps
    • Brawl: Lionspire (Great Hall)
    • TDM: Wardenglade
    • FFA: Wardenglade
    • TO: Rudhelm and Dark Forest

New Gamemodes!

New Gamemode – Last Team Standing. Fight to be the final team alive in this large-scale, round-based fighting mode – a returning favourite from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (2012).

  • Existing TDM maps are supported as well as new Falmire Village, with Galencourt Amphitheater coming soon!
  • Offline support added

New Gamemode – Brawl. Embrace chaos and duke it out with your fists, or whatever you can grab – in the Great Hall or Rudhelm Feast maps – with up to 40 players!

  • Maps: Lionspire Great Hall and Rudhelm Feast

Gamemode Changes


  • New Victory podium
  • New Victory and Defeat animations
  • Warm up timer now gets skipped when enough players are present
  • Fixed countdown audio being half a second off time
  • Special items are now disabled in this mode and Duel mode
  • Arrows now properly reset each round
  • Fixed Announcer VO for time remaining playing after match ends
  • Ending summary screen adjustments to show the rounds won per team and the player list
  • Added audio stingers behind the Countdown and Fight! voiceovers
  • Offline support added
  • Fixed arena games failing to backfill and starting with only 2 players on a team
  • Fixed cancelling search before a game starts causing game to start unbalanced
  • Fleshwound overlays are now removed between rounds
  • Both players will no longer end up on the same team in 1v1
    • Added more audio fanfare between Arena mode rounds
    • New arena mode match start countdown voice over
    • Idle kick timer is now working as intended
    • When a timeout occurs the UI now reads as “Draw” instead of “Round Lost/Won”
    • Match no longer ends in a draw if one team has more kills than the other but has one remaining player alive
    • Reduced out of combat area on Falmire

Team Deathmatch

  • Reduced match time by 600 seconds
  • Closed gates for Agatha spawns on Falmire


  • Votekick values have been changed to the following values:
  • Team Deathmatch: 45-55%
  • Team Objective: 45-55%
  • FFA: 60-70%
  • Duels: 35%


  • When a game is started by users that do not have crossplay enabled, it will only allow non-crossplay users to rejoin that match and prevent crossplay users from joining it
  • Fixed disabling crossplay causing matchmaking problems for all crossplay users
  • Fixed an issue with matchmaking failing if crossplay is disabled on 64p and FFA queues
  • When joining a server while backfill is in progress players will not longer be removed from the server
  • Rejoining the same server no longer has a chance to kick you
  • Fixed a case where an entire party would not be successfully matched into the same game


  • Friends and party members are now always placed on the same team at the start of a game
  • When searching for a game as a party, the party members latency no longer attributes to the match (only the party leaders does) which should decrease the time it takes to find a match
  • Fixed a case where parties would fail to migrate to a new match after finishing a match and would be instead sent back to the main menu
  • PlayStation – Accepting an invite from another player while queueing now properly updates the party widget
  • Fixed an issue with parties failing to migrate together if the finished match had less than 12 players
  • Fixed a case where console parties could fail to migrate with the rest of the server into a new map
  • Console – inviting a player to your party from in-game is now disabled, matching PC standards. Parties need to be formed while on the main menu

Performance and Crash Fixes

  • NVIDIA DLSS support added for RTX graphic cards. The option to enable this feature is in the video options.

  • Resolved a large hitch that would occur occasionally when playing Last Team Standing
  • Fixed a client-side frame drop that occurred when picking up items
  • Further optimization for memory streaming on consoles to address out of memory crashes
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in Offline mode when using a catapult
  • Replication optimization 
    • Reduced arrow replication (on arrows that have been fired and landed)
    • Unequipped items are no longer replicated
    • Items dropped on death are no longer replicated for other players
    • Character and inventory properties have been reduced

Weapons and Carryables

  • New Weapon – Rapier. Slice and dice with this new fast-paced stabbing weapon! Equipable on the Footman.
  • New carryable – Breakable Chair
  • New carryable – Breakable Bottle
  • New novelty item – Carryable Harp
  • Adjusted Stab/Overhead turn caps to between patch 1 and CU1 values. These attacks should now feel less restrictive and easier to land.
  • Arrows are now counterable for a short duration (0.25s)
  • Fixed an exploit that enabled the player to launch themselves across the map with the 2 handed torch
  • Fixed a bug where some thrown weapons passed through characters when blocked instead of bouncing off
  • Fixed weapons sometimes disappearing after thrown
  • Fixed an issue where player could not throw medkits while using an offhand weapon
  • Players can now push pushable from the front
  • Projectiles now properly maintain the angle/rotation at the point of impact
  • Spike traps (deployable, barricades and environment) now cause players to stick to them upon death
  • Falling traps now kill bots
  • Crossbow reload now gets interrupted if the player is hit
  • Warhammer stab damage set to 30, down from 40
  • Warhammer heavy stab damage set to 45, down from 60


New Customization

  • Mason Tournament Helmet, with Red Horned and Champion versions
  • Agatha Tournament Helmet and Champion version
  • Mason Tournament Knight skin, and Champion version
  • Agatha Tournament Knight skin, and Champion version
  • Dreadmare Open Helmet, and Dreadmare Helmet closed versions
  • Female Mason Knight Dreadmare set, with Wraith and Royal versions (not genderlocked)
  • Agatha Footman Burgonet Helmet, with Rusty, Painted, Royal versions
  • Mason Knight Great Bascinet, with Rusty, Painted, and Royal versions
  • Agatha Knight Pointed Burgonet Helmet, with Rusty, Painted, and Royal versions
  • Mason Footman Gjermundbu, with Rusty, Painted, and Royal versions
  • Mason Vanguard Brawler Helmet, with Rusty, Painted, and Golden variants
  • Agatha Vanguard Pot Helm, with Rusty, Painted, and Royal variants
  • Mason Archer Zischagge, with Rusty, Painted, Royal versions
  • Agatha Archer Lobster Tail Burgonet, with Rusty, Painted, and Golden variants
  • Mason Archer Ranger Hat, with Fine and Lavish versions
  • Ravager Mason Footman, with Painted and Champion versions
  • Ringed Rapier, with Rusty, Royal, and Elegant versions
  • Cup Hilt Rapier, with Rusty, Royal, Agatha, and Mason versions
  • Cross Hilt Sword skin for the Arming Sword, with Rusty, Engraved, and Royal versions
  • Twirled Moustache
  • Fauchard, with Rusty, Weathered, and Royal versions
  • Blunt Club, with Rusty, Aged Blunt Club, Royal, Agatha, and Mason versions
  • Raven Knight armour set is back!
  • New heraldry – Cohh Cog
  • New heraldry – Strippin emblem

Customization Fixes

  • Lady/Sir titles are now unlockable as intended
  • House Lirik Heraldry can now be purchased and equipped
  • Full Mutton and Long Goatee beard customizations and Bowl, Master’s Cut, and Viking Braid hair customizations can now be purchased and equipped on PlayStation
  • Fixed the wrong team customization being applied when throwing a shield (that is a pickable on the map) and having an enemy pick it up
  • Fixed the Archer secondary weapon skin not applying the skin in-game


  • Fight to survive – after losing your arms you can now headbutt players and survive bleeding out as long as you get a few hits in!
  • Archer limits are now enforced
  • Players who are outside of the combat zones can no longer use ranged weapons or throwing actions, or place constructibles
  • Increased wind-up time of 1h weapons
    • Sword windup increased by 0.05s
    • Shortsword windup increased by 0.025s
    • Axe windup increased by 0.025s
    • Hatchet windup increased by 0.025s
    • Cudgel windup increased by 0.025s
  • Player sprint no longer cancels when turning
  • Fixed an exploit where fist Special Attack did not consume stamina
  • Heavy attacks now consume stamina
  • Jumping now consumes stamina (12 stamina, same as dodging)
  • Comboing into Fist Special now adds a combo time penalty to the windup to prevent spamming
  • Stab Special attacks (via stab on any weapon and/or slash with spears) now deal damage after 0.10s to avoid being instantly stabbed before the weapon visually collides with the player, with the goal of making stabs more reactable
  • Pressing M2 or left trigger (on controller) now drops any two handed carryable and swaps to the previous weapon
  • When disarmed while holding a throwable, if the player draws a second 1H weapon the throwable will stay properly equipped
  • Jabs/Kicks are no longer cancelable
  • Passive health regen stops if you engage in combat
  • Can attack faster after parry break
  • Allow queuing a riposte/counter after queuing a block during an interrupting state and getting hit
  • Hitting a downed player is now more forgiving, previously felt difficult to hit another player when they were downed from a standing position
  • Fixed an issue where the crouch matrix animation (looking like a total badass) sometimes didn’t play server side (server just played normal crouch animation)
  • Crouching after dash timer in Recovery now overrides the recovery animation with the matrix duck animation to make you look cooler
  • Fixed Tackle and Sprint attack failure having no sounds during windup
  • Fixed Iron maiden death counting as suicide and team takedown
  • Players can no longer start their next attack immediately after being blocked (this resulted in a faster than intended combo timing after being blocked compared to if your initial attack landed)
  • Archers (Ambusher) now have a sniper perk that allows headshot multipliers for projectile damage.
  • Projectile headshot damage deals 1.25x (from 1.5x). Sniper perk gives 1.5X damage
  • Tackle now stops sprint after landing a hit. Previously players were able to maintain their speed and then immediately do another tackle.
  • Thrown weapons now drain less stamina when blocked
  • Attack lunges no longer trigger barricade and spike trap damage
  • Queuing parry in interrupt states no longer blocks kicks. Players will no longer be stunned locked just for queuing a parry while you are in an interrupt state (like stagger/interrupt).
  • Blunt weapons (such as mace, heavy mace, war club, etc) now cleave on kill. Thwack weapons suffer in 1vsX when compared to cleave weapons because the attack stops after hitting one opponent (unless you use a heavy attack). 
  • Players can no longer dash out of a heavy attack during windup
  • Recovery after being interrupted has been increased for throwing/shooting bow/shooting crossbow from 0.7s to 0.9s
  • Increased Skirmisher subclass stamina from 50 to 70

Team Objective Maps


  • Map optimization


  • Female peasants (AI) have come to show the men how to defend the village
  • Multiple changes to attack and defense spawn times 
  • Increased the gates health from 7,500 to 10,000 HP
  • Decreased the score given by loot to 50 from 63
  • Increased the number of loot you have to collect to complete the looting stage (10% more loot)
  • Masons must now kill 100 defenders during the last stage instead of 77 currently, before the defenders respawn as peasants

Dark Forest

  • Fixed a bug where players could nudge the siege engines and wagon
  • Final Stage, Mason can stay on the outer wall without OOC triggering, but it will trigger for Agatha
  • Fixed an issue where the top player could glitch the VIP spawn and prevent themselves from spawning as VIP


  • Reduced despawn time and max concurrent number of Powder Kegs to prevent spamming barrels everywhere
  • Increased the HP of the gibbet cages to 450 from 400
  • Changed capture score interval for the second capture area to 2 instead of 3
  • Prison cranks opening duration set to 25 sec from 30 sec
  • Changed spawn locations and timing to improve map balance
  • Increased the ramp width of the final objective in order to stop attackers from preventing the Prisoner from reaching the ship
  • Prisoner health increased to 1000HP from 750
  • Prisoner now has 5 bandages (increased from none)
  • Score and Health are mismatched for Falmire VIP
  • VIP can no longer switch teams
  • Fixed Mason Forward Spawn prompts to appear earlier


  • Stage1 Rock near outcropping allows player to survive in water
  • Stage 4 Defender combat zone is too far forward
  • All ship stairs can be crawled under and trap players
  • Removed Mason access behind the church so they can no longer enter through the side door on Agatha spawn
  • Changes to attack and defense spawn times 
  • Slightly moved spawn points throughout the map for both defense and attack in order to improve map balance
  • Increased number of statues destroyed to advance to the next stage
  • Areas where large church bells will fall already have collisions
  • Stage 4, intact gazebo has unexpected collisions, makes bots stutter and hover
  • Stage 4, Collision on the blown up gate from stage 3
  • Mason – Stage 3 – In offline Practice, Mason bots grab all randomly placed barrels before destroying the barricades
  • Mason – Stage 1 – In offline Practice, Mason bots do not path towards the shipyard
  • Fixed an area blocking the player from walking (by the bridge that leads to the first gate, between the objective areas)
  • Fixed Church side doors having empty health bars
  • Fixed flag blowing in inconsistent directions
  • Fixed ramps from appearing jittery and getting caught on geometry
  • Fixed a bug in Offline Practice mode where statues can be heard breaking before the game started
  • Reduced despawn time and max concurrent number of carryable powder kegs


  • Attackers no longer spawn into combat during the capture stage
  • Masons can no longer exploit the Agatha Spawn on stage 3 to rush the banners in stage 4

Rudhelm Siege

  • Defender forward spawner has been moved forward from the courtyard stage to the front of the keep
  • Fixed ramps from appearing jittery

Tournament Grounds

  • Fixed a bug where players could sit in the throne during the intro cinematic


  • Added new third-person death animation 
  • Fixed a bug where suicide set the player in a brief A-pose upon death
  • Fixed third-person Poleaxe movement (was removed temporarily but is now back!)
  • Fixed a bug where throwing all ammo for javelin would cause the secondary weapon draw to float out of the players hand hand
  • Animation polish for the short spear
  • Added a new quick throw animation for bow and crossbow when doing a bandage toss
  • Fixed Shield jump third person animation


  • Dynamic Music for multiple gamemodes
  • New songs for Brawl added
  • New Monk voiceover added
  • Bar Maid and Evil Queen voice preview now set up in the Customization menu
  • Added audio notifications for party actions (invites, joining or leaving a party)
  • Fixed 1h Spear and Javelin LMB attack hit success using wrong sound effect
  • New headbutt sound effects
  • Strippin and CohCarnage AI peasant audio voices added


  • PC – New Play menu with relocated gamemodes, and more obvious Server Browser option
  • New update takeover screen that highlights the latest game features
  • New Main Menu characters and weapons
  • Stat FPS & Togglehud are available for players to use again
  • Various localization changes to better fit text on screen in multiple languages
  • Players now receive a warning when they join a party that has too many players
  • PC – Server list info is now accurate and up to date regardless of filters or list refreshing
  • Fixed the Hints UI overlapping with Menu UI
  • Added unique Killfeed icons for carryables
  • When using Shuffle Mode players now see a prompt to explain why the loadout menu is not accessible
  • PS4 – fixed an issue where the Options button was not visible on the main menu
  • JOIN GAME button is now hidden if you’re in a party to avoid confusion
  • Fixed player being unable to highlight or use the Invite Party Members button on the Play Screen when using a controller
  • When crossplay is disabled, a disclaimer now appears at the of the Play screen
  • Fixed HUD not appearing after joining a game until the player spawns
  • PC – Failing to get into a server now returns the player to the Server Browser
  • Teamkills now result in -1 kill on the scoreboard
  • Fixed a bug where the Objective HUD never appears after a server travel
  • Console – Fixed VOIP indicator always being visible

Customization Menu UI

  • A short VO line now plays when changing Voices
  • New Clear Notifications button added
  • Fixed the Weapons customization list not scrolling properly once it had been scrolled through
  • Cursor on Weapons tab in the Customization menu defaults to the middle of the page
  • Changing team while on a class in the Customization menu makes Item description UI appear
  • Fixed large text sizes in Customization menu
  • Locked Items no longer have the New Item notification
  • PlayStation – fixed an issue that occurred when using the options button to clear notifications
  • Customization – Cursor will break when switching faction during weapon previewing
  • Customization menu now properly highlights what item you have equipped
  • Fixed cursor breaking that occurred when switching faction during weapon previewing
  • Switching to Agatha or Mason while viewing heraldries no longer breaks the controller selection
  • Facial Hair list no longer disappears when switching teams
  • One-Handed Sword has been moved to its proper category (previously listed under Two-Handed)


  • Fixed a bug where the pause menu wasn’t immediately closed when holding the start button
  • Fixed an issue where gamepad users could have two classes highlights at the same time in the Customization menu
  • Fixed an issue where players had to scroll through scoreboard names before being able to focus on the scoreboard submenu

Other Changes

  • You can now battlecry during commander speech
  • Pressing jump now cancels full body emotes
  • Jumping at a ladder now allows you to mount the ladder
  • Players can now kick weapons and carryable heads on the ground
  • Pushing a ragdoll no longer causes limbs to decapitate, and thrown objects now impact ragdolls
  • Attacking during the run-in spawn no longer disables full sprint
  • Bots now understand how to get up after sitting on a bench. We’re all doomed.

Known Issues

Top Known Issues

  • Novelty items cannot be purchased and lack a proper preview when using a gamepad

  • Shield cosmetics cannot be purchased when using a gamepad

  • LTS Galencourt is in offline mode but lighting is not final

  • Brawl – temporary movement lock after spawn before being able to jump into the action (player is invincible during this period so they won’t be spawn killed)

Cross-Platform Parties

At current, we are now evaluating all available cross-platform services at our disposal to better understand which will meet our needs. In parallel to this, our engineers have begun early evaluations with reviewing the level of effort required for such a technical endeavour. In addition to the engineering work, there will be a fair amount of UI and design tasking to be completed as well.

As we are in the early stages of development for this feature, it’s difficult to predict a firm timeline. With that said, when our team has updates to share on the progress of cross-platform parties, we will absolutely do so.

Lastly, along with cross-platform parties, the addition of specifically PS4-PS5 cross-generation parties continues to remain an equally top priority for our studio. Once we have firm details on a timeline for this, we’ll share with everyone.

Console-specific issues

  • Xbox One: Customization/weapons are loading in late

  • Playstation 4: Players may see themselves joining a party of 5 or more people when accepting invites to a full party

  • Xbox One, Playstation 4: Players on the Arena podium may not animate properly


  • Players during pushable objective stages may teleport briefly

  • Bots aren’t disarmed at end of match if they lose

  • Oil pots are not bouncing correctly off some level geometry/actors

  • Players that switch or are kicked to spectate may not be able to rejoin the match in FFA and Brawl if player counts are too high

  • The brotherhood of Galencourt Monks have decided to sport some new headwear. No one has told them yet that the monk hoods look better…for fear of a heavy mace to the face.


  • Alt attack rebinds don’t work specifically on Tournament Grounds

  • Some keys can’t be bound as expected

  • Rebinding certain keys will make “Get Up” and “Special Item” binds appear to use controller binds

  • Some languages have some overlapping UI

  • ”Players Left” UI in offline mode may not appear consistently


  • Rudhelm Siege – Unfolded ramps may hitter players in the unfolded section of the ramp

  • Brawl Great Hall – Lighting is darker than intended


  • Heartbeat audio can get in a state between matches where it persists


  • Dx12 VRS can cause visual artifacting on some maps (Tournament Grounds, for example)

You can always stay up to date on the bigger items the team is working on at the Chivalry 2 Road Map. And don’t forget: for help be sure to visit the Chivalry 2 Knowledge Base and Support Site, community discourse – Discord, and all the latest news on Social (Twitter & Facebook).