Chivalry 2 PC Party Invite Hotfix

Good morrow, knights! 

Today we have a small hotfix coming to PC players that resolves a PC only issue which is currently the inability to successfully send and receive party invites via Epic Games. This change is now live.

During our testing we observed a high consistent success rate for this hotfix resolving issues related to forming parties on PC. We are aware however that some party-related issues still exist. One issue that remains is that if two clients boot up the game within 5 seconds of each other, they may not have their online status updated on each other’s friends list. The current workaround for this is to have one client leave the game and re-enter while the others stay. We are committed to resolving this and any other remaining party issues as soon as possible

We invite the community to send us their feedback to our official Discord or social media regarding any other party-related issues that may exist.

In addition to today’s fix, we have other issues we are working to resolve in upcoming hotfixes for all platforms, and will be patching as soon as we are able to: 

  • Console players experiencing increased crashes on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when playing Galencourt
  • Servers sometimes placing people in regions with high ping
  • Players are set to default armour when playing online matches
  • Players sometimes being disconnected from some servers after a server crash
  • When using a controller, initiating an attack and being unable to switch immediately to parry/block