Chivalry 2 Update – House Galencourt (2.1.0)

2.1.0 Patch Notes

New Features

  • New Team Objective map – The Desecration of Galencourt!
    The fight continues as the Mason Army lays brutal siege to the Great Walled City of Galencourt, the seat of the Agathian Church.

  • New Free-for-all/Team Deathmatch Map – Courtyard!
    An agreement to settle the battle for Courtyard by champions duel is broken as unsuspecting nobles are swept into the carnage. Fight for your faction in the battle for Courtyard! 

  • New gamemode – Arena mode! For this update we’re launching 3v3, first to win 5 rounds; available though matchmaking
    • Includes Arena mode map variants of Tournament Grounds, Fighting Pit, and Courtyard
      Challenge yourself by challenging others! Fight alongside your friends or 2 others in the fight for dominance in Arena!

  • Player Profile Screen (Preview): Track your gameplay stats as you level up your character and become a legend of the battlefield! PLEASE NOTE: This is a preview feature; as such, any stats shown may be reset at any given time (not player rank/progress). Once this feature is out of a preview state, Torn Banner will alert the community.

  • Arrow cam is back and better than ever! Now useable on any throwable; Hold [input] (flourish by default) after firing to follow your projectiles to the point of impact

  • New female armour skins! Represent House Galencourt in the Protector of Galencourt armour sets!

  • New weapon and shield skins!
    • Shields, Sword of Argon, War Axe, Knife, and Two Handed Hammer

  • New female character voices (Bar Maid and Evil Queen)
  • New Playable character – Monks. Play as a Monk and protect Feydrid’s tomb on the final objective in Galencourt!
  • New Peasant Playable character – Mason/Agatha Nobles. Play as noble peasants at the start of Courtyard!
  • New carryables (food, anchor)
  • Added teamkill forgiveness prompt (press F, X on PS, A on XB)


  • PC – Fixed a case where EGS Friends could not see each other as online and invites were not received – we are still investigating other cases. You can help speed this up by letting us know what region you (and your party) are in, network types (NAT restriction), and firewall/security software may be in use
  • PC – Fixed an issue where multiple players could be the party leader, players accepting a party invite are no longer made into the party leader
  • Console – Fixed an issue where a non-leader of the party could proceed through the gameplay menu
  • Xbox – Fixed an issue with parties where a party leader leaving the party caused the remaining group to be unable to queue for a match
  • PlayStation – Fixed an issue with parties where the party leader joining a new party caused group inconsistencies for all players in the group
  • Invites now indicate to the player that they will be sent to the main menu if accepted while playing in a match
  • Fixed an issue where merging parties could break the party


  • Fixed an issue where players were not properly backfilling into servers, but instead starting up new servers
  • Fixed an issue where spamming A (Xbox) / X (PlayStation) through the Play screen would make you unable to search for matchmaking
  • If network connection is lost on the main menu but re-established, you can now proceed to gameplay as intended instead of being required to restart the game


  • PC – Fixed a desync issue caused after throwing rocks


  • Stamina regen will now pause while crouching
  • Crouching now costs stamina (EVERY day is leg day)
  • Fixed heavy carryables having improper trajectories
  • Players will now drop carried 2 handed loot when hit
  • Combo timing penalty should not be applied when an opponent gets put into parrybreak (allowing the attacker to quickly combo their attack right after disarming an opponent)
  • Players now receive score for destroying constructables
  • Deployable Spike Traps no longer damage/kill teammates
  • Spike traps are no longer triggered by your own attack lunges
  • Fixed a bug where the bow would appear to be loaded at zero ammo after placing a brazier
  • Fixed a bug where the player would have an invisible arrow after restocking ammo
  • Tackles no longer use armor type/weapon damage type multipliers
  • Jabbing an ally no longer stops player movement
  • Pitchfork special attack added, to trick peasants into thinking they actually have a chance
  • Improved Longbow and Crossbow melee attack tracers
  • While emoting, dash now cancels the emote and performs the dash
  • Radius of catapult damage decreased
  • Death impulse from catapult now makes players fly away from the impact instead of straight up into the air
  • Fixed a bug where getting hit while winding up to throw a weapon could get the player stuck in a broken combat state
  • Fixed turn cap on ballista being removed after it had been reloaded
  • Fixed an exploit where players could cancel their bandage animation by jabbing before and after bandaging
  • Restriction scale on turning while sprinting now scales with speed to make it feel less restrictive at low speeds
  • Fixed an exploit where you could super jump (Olympic tryouts have concluded)
  • Removed ability to chain combo Kicks with Low Kicks
  • Score is now awarded to the player who loads the catapult. You’re helping, and we love that
  • Players can no longer break their teammates block with a kick
  • Teammates can no longer interrupt each others counters and parries
  • Blocking attacks from teammates no longer consumes stamina
  • Teammates can no longer damage each others shields
  • Projectiles (arrows/bolts/thrown weapons) will now interrupt enemies who are drawing their bow/aiming their crossbow/winding up a throw
  • Increased special attack/sprint charge/leaping strike damage for many weapons (Spear, Glaive, Poleaxe, Candelabras, Oar, Pitchfork, Plank, Lance, Pitchfork, Scythe)
  • Slash/Overhead turn amount slightly decreased to prevent the spin playstyle and improve crouching under swings
  • Parry turn amount slightly decreased to prevent incredibly fast spins while parrying
  • Javelin attack animations have been adjusted, and the slash attack is now a stab variant (similar to how Spear works)
  • Javelin throw recovery time increased by 0.30s
  • One handed spear is re-enabled. Attack animations have been adjusted, and the slash attack is now a stab variant (similar to how Spear works)
  • One handed spear special attack windup decreased by 0.05s
  • Heavy shield throw windup decreased by 0.05s
  • Decreased damage of ram skull (being able to one shot opponents was fun while it lasted)
  • Heavy 2-handed throwable damage (anvils/barrels/boxes/etc) has been adjusted and now scales based on distance. Some throwables will be destroyed if thrown very far
  • Fixed archer left dash distance being much shorter than right dash
  • Thrown weapons no longer deal damage through parry (only happened occasionally)
  • Holding parry during swing release then hitting the world will no longer drop your parry
  • Getting hit after being deflected will now place player in the interrupted state and award initiative to the opponent
  • You are no longer able to instantly initiate a counter after hitting the world
  • Slightly increased delay on spamming counters immediately after landing a hit
  • Fixed a bug where countering an attack at the last possible moment would block any attack type (including specials and kicks)
  • Stabs start damage slightly later, making them easier to react to (Yes, we’re talking to you Messer)
  • Getting hit after being deflected now puts the player into an interrupted state and gives the opponent initiative
  • Reduced the ability to counter spam
  • Inputting the wrong counter attack just as an attack hits is now a riposte, not a counter attempt
  • Made crosshair angle indicators for active counter/riposte more accurate
    • Parry angle indicators appear for the entire duration of the parry success combat state
    • Active riposte play the yellow angle directions in all 4 directions
    • Counter feint will update the angle direction


  • Dashing after throwing a weapon that has ammo causes reload animation to be skipped
  • Fixed an issue where large movement corrections were applied to the character
  • Improved first person death animation to better match third-person animation
  • Fixed spear plant special attack playing the wrong animation when blocked during its windup
  • Added first-person ducking animation, because You’re breathtaking and you should feel like a badass
  • Added new flourish animation for 2h Maul set
  • Fixed missing interrupt from Jab attack not playing in third-person
  • Fixed a teleport that occured when a player parrying with a 1h spear was kicked by another player
  • Fixed shield rotation during kick for 1h + shield and spear + shield animations in first and third person
  • Ladder climbing speed has been increased
  • Minor tweaks made to death animations
  • Smoothed javelin throw animation
  • Flourish can no longer be cancelled with V. You can still attack or parry from flourish
  • Set minimum time before you can parry/attack from flourish
  • Fixed players sometimes T-posing when killed by a thrown weapon
  • Improved third-person Longsword slash/overhead counter animation to be easier to read


  • On combat zone switch when objective changes, only defenders will now be forward spawned
  • VIPs now receive more health when healed
  • Buff: You can now sit on benches with other players
  • Team auto-balance no longer shuffles players at the end of the game
  • Improved peasant AI when walking through doors
  • Improved bot AI in various places on the maps so they do not stand idle


  • Fixed tutorial awards not being applied

The Slaughter of Coxwell

  • Fixed an issue where Agatha players were able to hide far from the last objective due to not having an active combat zone until death. Cowards get what they deserve!
  • Fixed an issue where market barricades were not visible to players who joined the game late
  • Fixed an issue where sitting on a bench would shrink the player model. Now the only kids in this game are the ones playing with “parental guidance”.
  • Fixed an invisible spawn wall from hindering player movement when they spawned on top of it
  • Fixed spike barricades not giving score
  • Fixed barricades and traps not appearing when rejoining a match/joining a match late
  • Fixed gate not opening the right direction after being broken open

Escape from Falmire

  • Increased gates HP from 600 to 750 on the first stage
  • Increased gates HP from 1500 to 2000 on Breach the Gates stage
  • Increased Prisoner VIP health from 650 to 750 on the last stage
  • Added barricades on Stage 3 and 4 so that attackers cannot rush to the bridge before intended
  • Moved Defenders forward spawn on Stage 4 from the middle of the bridge to the rear of the bridge
  • VIP now has 50% more health. VIP HP is now 650
  • Attackers spawn time increased from 6 to 8 seconds
  • HP of prisoner wagons is not 600 (down from 800)
  • Closing the gates is now 120 seconds (down from 180)

The Fall of Lionspire

  • Fixed an issue where stage 4 banners were not visible to players who joined the game late
  • Players are now awarded score from lighting and defusing explosives
  • Fixed invisible collision on the trebuchet arm from stopping player movement

The Siege Of Rudhelm

  • Increased out of combat zones to include back two corners on the upper levels of the final VIP objective
  • Fixed a level issue where players could access an unintended rooftop by climbing the siege ramp
  • Opened wall between alcove and arch near the courtyard to widen the choke point

Tournament Grounds

  • Added an additional ammo box by the stairs directly across the arena from the throne area

The Battle Of Darkforest

  • New loading screen
  • Players are now awarded score for hitting breakables


  • New main menu and play menus. Players are now better able to pick their desired mode, and a NEW map playlist!

  • Added new scoring events when you kill players with carryables. Kill an enemy with a book to EDUCATE them!
  • When purchasing a cosmetic, the UI now shows the purchased item instead of returning to default
  • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu became greyed out when failing to matchmake into a game
  • Fixed an issue where some servers were not listing in the server browser
  • Improved indication of sprint state by changing arm position when transitioning into sprint and made changes to how camera shake ramps up with speed
  • Can no longer perform a sprint attack or tackle after being pushed back
  • “Press C to Get Up” (Square on PS, X on XB) messaging will now only appear when you’re able to execute the action
  • Killfeed now displays when a player has killed themselves on spikes for the appropriate amount of ridicule
  • Added UI message for when a player attempts to join a full server via the Social menu
  • Fixed crosshair not accurately showing the active riposte window
  • Fixed Special Edition jousting helmets indicating a Global Rank requirement
  • Fixed missing party icons in FFA mode
  • Various customization screen improvements
    • Navigation changes
    • New heraldry groups
    • Fixed NEW item notification from appearing on Class customization even when all new customizations were cleared
    • Fixed NEW item notification not removing when switching teams
    • Weapons now sorted by Type instead of Class
    • Purchases are now a hold to buy behaviour to prevent players from accidentally purchasing items
    • Added missing rank unlock requirements to shield variants
    • Fixed classes not stepping forward when selected
    • Fixed Back button on class select screen not working properly
    • Skins now preview on hover (without pressing to select)
  • New UI option for “Friends & Party” indicators – option highlights all friends and all party members names while in a game
  • PS4 Asia – X/O controls are now correctly flipped on scoreboard, in-game options, class selection, team selection, crowns store, options menu, and more
  • Fixed names getting cut off in FFA standings, XXXnoobmaster6969420XXX can now be seen in all their glory
  • Fixed platform icons disappearing after rejoining a server
  • Fixed an issue where dying via desertion in Offline mode caused the screen to remain grey
  • PC servers can now be searched by name
  • When partied, on death you will automatically spectate your party members until respawn
  • Fixed players being unable to see their own voice icon when in a party
  • Bandage now indicates it has three charges
  • Counter and riposte success are now more easily distinguishable
  • Scalability settings adjusted for consoles to better fit screens
  • Fixed special characters not appearing on Party Invite UI
  • Fixed blood overlay appearing on screen after getting a headshot kill with a throwing knife


  • Further mix adjustments
  • Fixed volume settings not starting up on game launch
  • TDM and FFA maps now have end of game ramp up music


  • Fixed an issue where a controller couldn’t navigate the scoreboard
  • Fixed an issue where PC players using controllers could not move cursor when looking at weapon categories in the customization menu
  • Cancel and emote (including flourish and battlecry) will no longer conflict with one another
  • Refinements to auto-rotation made, allowing forward movement to enable auto-rotation
  • Added aim assist to sprint attack and tackle
  • Fixed Join Game not have a controller bind on the Social screen

Other Changes

  • Fixed votekick
  • Votekick threshold is now 45% of players on one team in order for a votekick to succeed
    Multiple server crash fixes
  • Bot backfill now removes bots and replaces with players properly
  • You can now mute other players
  • Players can now be globally muted – inappropriate chat will get you a global mute so be chivalrous!
  • Loadout selection no longer pops up after first death by default
  • Localization update for new features
    • Fixes overlapping text in many locations
  • Archer class limit now properly limits via subclass
  • Fixed player not being able to interact or heal with items while crouching
  • Fixed players being team swapped right after joining a server or at the end of a match
  • Having the loadout screen open no longer causes the player to skip respawning
  • Fixed player movement being restricted for too long on spawn in
  • Opening cinematics are now removed in FFA mode
  • Consoles specific – Fixed an issue where players would pop or teleport around catapults and breakable barricades

Known Issues

Top Known Issues

  • PC: If two clients boot up the game within 5 seconds of each other, they may not get have their online status updated on each other’s friends list. Workaround: have one client leave the game and re-enter while the others stay
  • Playstation 4/5 users are currently unable to equip Viking and Bowl Cut Hair, as well as Full Mutton and Long Goatee
  • Profile Screen: Some player stats are not properly represented in the stats screen
  • Profile Screen: Class and Weapon Playtime adds to less than 100%
  • Cancelling a matchmaking search early can potentially place the user in a bad state. Workaround: Restart client OR enable console (in settings) then use ~disconnect to reload front menu

Cross-Platform Parties:

Our team has worked to pivot to review the possibility of providing the feature of cross-platform parties as quickly as possible.

Console-specific issues:

  • Xbox One: Customization/weapons are loading in late
  • [Playstation 4/ Playstation 5] When joining a party of 3+ players some may not appear in the party list
  • [Playstation 5] When queueing as a party, sometimes party members do not see the queue timer on the first queue
  • [Playstation 5] Accepting an invite from another player while queueing will sometimes cause the party widget not to update
  • [Playstation 4] Players may see themselves joining a party of 5 or more people when accepting invites to a full party


  • Players may experience desync when falling off of the pushable siege ramps
  • Player sometimes may not sprint from initial spawn (player should stop and start again to fix)
  • Players during pushable objective stages may teleport briefly
  • Female characters may spawn a male head when decapitated
  • Bots aren’t disarmed at end of match if they lose


  • Alt attack rebinds don’t work specifically on Tournament Grounds
  • Some players will have global rank 1 appear on the scoreboard despite their rank appearing properly in pause menu
  • Some keys can’t be bound as expected
  • Rebinding certain keys will make “Get Up” and “Special Item” binds appear to use controller binds
  • Rarely browser server listings can look incorrect until server browser is refreshed
  • Some languages have some overlapping UI


  • Items available for purchase by default show “New Item” notifications


  • Rudhelm Siege – Tower Ramp may launch players


  • Gamepad players may battlecry despite selecting other emotes occasionally
  • Can Queue up for Arena with a 4 person party, but it actually searches you in a different mode (Shouldn’t be possible in general due to player limit)


  • Heartbeat audio can get in a state between matches where it persists


  • Dx12 VRS can cause visual artifacting on some maps (Tournament Grounds, for example)

You can always stay up to date on the bigger items the team is working on at the Chivalry 2 Road Map. And don’t forget: for help be sure to visit the Chivalry 2 Knowledge Base and Support Site, community discourse – Discord, and all the latest news on Social (Twitter & Facebook).