Unofficial Servers Coming in 2024 (plus, Free Weekend on now!)

It’s a Free Weekend for Chivalry 2! On all platforms today, try Chivalry 2 for free. The Free Weekend lasts until December 11, 2023.

We’re excited to be bringing additional updates to Chivalry 2 in 2024. One team objective map that we’re working on is an incredible one, set to deliver one of the most memorable gaming moments in Chivalry franchise history. This map will be coming in 2024, but no longer the next update to Chivalry 2 (update 2.10) – so that we can focus resources on community requested features.

In 2024 we are also set to bring players one of the game’s most requested features: Unofficial Servers that players can rent and run themselves!

Unofficial Servers
We’re excited to reveal that Unofficial Servers are coming to Chivalry 2. Whereas “Official Servers” (all servers currently in the game) are rented and controlled by Torn Banner, Unofficial Servers are rented and managed by players.

Our aim is to give players more ways to play Chivalry 2 through this new feature. We’re especially excited for the competitive, clan and content creator communities to all gain more control over their own events and initiatives.

Through our partnership with server provider Nitrado, users will be able to rent their own server and configure a limited number of custom settings. Stay tuned for more info as we approach the launch of this feature in 2024, and watch for more updates to Chivalry 2’s public roadmap.

Onward, to glory!