Chivalry 2 Hotfix 2.9.1

Good morrow knights! A minor hotfix (2.9.1) has been released that resolves a character customization reset bug, fixes crossparty bugs, as well as two Montcrux map issues.


  • Fixed an issue where character customization and settings would reset

The save data for character customization and settings were set to the incorrect file path, resulting in the failsafe to reset the player’s customization back to the default values. As a result of this fix, your customization may reset once more or return back to their previous customization seen before 2.9’s release. If players on PC wish to keep the customization and settings they made post 2.9’s release, the following workaround can be done:

  • Make sure the game is closed
  • In your file explorer, navigate to “Chivalry 2/TBL/Saved/Cloud”
  • In a separate window, navigate to the location where your game is stored
  • Navigate through %localappdata%/Chivalry 2/TBL/Saved/Cloud
  • Backup the Cloud folder in your appdata directory
  • Copy over the Cloud folder seen in your game directory to your appdata directory
  • Start the game

If done correctly, you should see your customization persist.

Crossparties Beta

  • [Xbox] – Fixed a crash that would occur when reading party info during matchmaking
  • [Xbox] – Fixed an issue where the game would not transition a player into a party when joining the party via the friends list while in a suspended state
  • [Gamepass] – Fixed an issue where the game would not allow the player to send a game invitation via the Game Bar prior to sending an invite in-game
  • [Gamepass] – Fixed an issue where the party leader could not kick a party member on the same platform

The Reclamation of Montcrux

  • Fixed an issue where horse spawners would be active in 64p Matchmaking
  • Fixed an issue where the third left wall explosion during stage 2 would teleport players in the map