Chivalry 2 Raiding Party Update is Here!

Chivalry 2 introduces cross-platform parties beta, a brand new Team Objective Map – The Sacking of Bridgetown, the Heavy Cavalry Sword, a new Campaign Pass – Raiding Party, a new gamemode – Mounted Arena, combat changes, and quality of life improvements in Chivalry 2’s new Raiding Party Update! Read on below.


We are excited to finally be releasing a beta version of this long requested feature to Chivalry 2, which now allows players to add players to their in-game Friend List from any platform through the use of friend codes. Each player has a unique friend code that can be generated. Once added, players can invite friends and create parties in the main menu, regardless of their platform. Please note that, while this feature is now available for players, it is currently in Beta – which means some bugs and issues can be expected as we continue to improve this feature. If you are having issues with adding a friend or joining a friend’s party, please attempt re-adding your friend or restarting your game.

New Map – “The Sacking of Bridgetown”

The news of King Argon’s victory against the Masons at Thayic Stronghold has spread across Agatha. The nobles of Irilla and the surrounding lands have come together for a decadent celebration, filling Bridgetown with laughter and joy. The wine flows and the noblemen dance to the music and cheers, this is surely a day that will be remembered for generations to come!

Outside the city walls the peasants toil in the fruitful vineyards that provided such an ample supply of fine wines for the festivities. The distant sound of the partying gentry is pierced by a harrowing horn, but this is no horn of the north. The workers grab what meager armaments they can and await the storm.

After successfully breaching the bulwark at Baudwyn the Tenosian Empire has begun the second phase of their invasion. In order to further their advance inland they must cross the river through Bridgetown. The Tenosian army will stop at nothing; setting the outlying farms and vineyard ablaze and defenestrating the cowardly nobles.

New Weapon – “Heavy Cavalry Sword”

With Weathered Heavy Cavalry Sword, Heavy Cavalry Sword, and Decorated Cavalry Sword skins

A new one handed weapon for the Man-at-Arms Footman Soldier and Knight Guardian, this sword has long reach and slow swings. In addition, it features incredible prowess on horseback in comparison to other weapons, having slash attacks that differ from its slash attacks on foot. This weapon can also be held forward while inputting a special attack on horseback. Lead the charge!

New Limited Time Arena Mode – “Mounted Arena”

Think you’re a good horseman? Looking to stick a lance into someone’s chest without any distractions? Prove it to the cheering crowd in this new 1v1 mode for Arena enthusiasts! Coming soon as part of our limited time queue rotation, two players on horseback challenge each other to a joust on Tournament Grounds with various weapons. The round doesn’t end until your opponent is completely defeated.

New Campaign Pass – “Raiding Party”

Like a traditional Battle Pass, players can complete challenges and earn in-game rewards such as currency and armoury items as they play. The Raiding Party Campaign Pass has no time limit, so you can earn rewards at your own pace.

Play the Raiding Party Campaign Pass at no cost to unlock free currency and armoury items, or upgrade to unlock premium rewards. The Premium Campaign Pass can be purchased for 1000 Crowns in-game.

  • New campaign select screen, and the ability to select the active campaign
  • New post match notifications of unlocks and campaign progress
  • New free campaign pass with 10 customization unlocks
  • New premium campaign pass available in the store with 30 additional customization unlocks

Horses on Lionspire!

Another map in the world of Chivalry 2 has had horses added to it. This time, horses stampede into the fan favourite map – Lionspire.

New Armoury Items!

Level 1000 Heraldry: Sword of Bravery, Sword of Glory, and Sword of Balance

Four Open Helmets: Tilting Helmet, Pigfaced Bascinet, Protector Helmet, Heavy Bascinet    

New Campaign Pass Armoury Items!

Tenosian Footman Steppe Wanderer Helmet and Armours

Tenosian Knight Steppe Warrior Helmet and Armours


Mason Gold Vine Jousting Knight

Tenosia Knight Royal Scythian and Scythian Warrior Armours

Tenosia Vanguard Askandir Equestrian and Askandir Scout Armours

Tenosian Imperfection and Facepaints – Tenosia Brand, Crescent Twin Snakes, and Boa

Community Halberd Skins: Crescent (Weathered, Crescent, and Decorated)

Community War Axe Skins: Labrys (Rusty, Embossed, and Imperial Flame)

Jambiya Dagger Skin with Worn Jambiya, Ivory Jambiya, and Royal Jambiya variants

Tenosia Royal Sipar, Golden Dipylon Shield, and Royal Sparabara shields

You can read our full list of patch notes here.