Chivalry 2 Hotfix 2.6.1

Today we have released a small hotfix (2.6.1) aimed at resolving a couple of issues that have popped up since the release of our latest content update, update 2.6. These include:

  • Gamepad: allowed counter feints to be performed via L3 or Block followed by the same attack input (same inputs as before the 2.6 update)
  • Fixed an issue where textures would be low resolution on PS4 on The Breach of Baudwyn

Counter Feint Changes to Gamepad

The team has added in the old method of performing counter feints (performed via L3 or Block followed by the same attack input) as well as kept the new input method so that players may choose between either ways of performing counter feints. We hope that this makes counter feints easier to achieve with a controller overall. 

Under investigation: Gameplay Hitching Post-2.6

Reports of gameplay hitching is something we continue to monitor. We appreciate your community reports sent to us over Discord that have been able to help us work towards fully resolving this issue.