Chivalry 2 Patch 2.4.2 ½

Today, at 11am ET we will be releasing a 2.4.2½ patch for all platforms. This patch has a bunch of stuff, I don’t know. Check out the full list of changes below. And enjoy this first day of April!


  • Archers and crossbowmen now have infinite ammo and stamina
  • Pig
  • Broom damage increased by 100
  • Crouch has been removed
  • Highland Sword now continuously performs its 360 special for the duration that the player holds down their heavy slash button
  • Held block has been replaced by held feint. Holding the input will make your character convulsively feint until stamina depletes
  • You can now dual-wield chicken
  • Players can now swim provided they equip floating bracers from the loadout menu
  • Increased damage for Longbow, Warbow, and Crossbow
  • Decreased reload time for all ranged weapons
  • Due to popular demand, archers now have as much health as the other classes
  • Players now have a backpack in which they can stash a certain number of carryables for future use.
  • When unarmed, the “jab” input will now deliver a cheeky little tickle


  • New Female Character: Agatha the Mason
  • New Agatha Subclass: The Mason
  • Due to overwhelming demand the team colours have been switched. Masons are now blue and Agatha are now Red. Cosmetics unchanged.
  • Magical shields will be available for purchase from store for premium currency
  • Added Cat Ears accessories for helmets


  • Petards now blow up the player if held more than 5 seconds while carrying it
  • Fixed an issue where trebuchets were being called trebuchets by the commanders
  • All ammo crates have now been replaced with chicken coops
  • Players must now cook a food item before being able to eat them to recover health
  • The Fighting Pit central pit now covers 50% of the map. The rest is lava
  • AFK and idle players now correctly play the “pogo” animation
  • Servers will be shut down on all Thursdays
  • Medkits replaced by pilgrimage to Galencourt (Agatha) and Aberfell (Mason) to seek repentance for sins
  • Players now have the option of replacing the tutorial with an inspiring combat training montage to the tune of You’re The Best by Joe Esposito
  • Crows have been replaced by African Swallows in every map containing them (Or was it European Swallows…).


  • Aberfell pigs are now hostile and will bite players on sight
  • Galencourt Monks have recused themselves from the war and now wield roses instead of heavy maces
  • All players must answer these questions three before crossing Falmire’s bridge
  • Lionspire has been renamed to Tiger Mountain
  • Following a truce between Mason and Agatha, the Betrayal at Courtyard has been forgiven and weapons put away. The map can still be used to hold picnics and small concerts (please respect a safe distance of 2 meters between you and others)
  • Rudhelm has been correctly renamed to Ruddhelm in honor of Paul Rudd’s gorgeous hair
  • For balance reasons, the Dragon Mount in Dark Forest has been removed.
  • For balance reasons, the Dragon Mount has been added to Tiger Mountain
  • Court Fool added to Galencourt for the month of April