Chivalry 2 Content Update – Merry Chivmas Patch Notes (2.3)

Chivalry 2’s fun and festive Merry Chivmas update will launches today at 2pm ET!

This update introduces a limited time Chivmas event, a new Brawl mode map (Cathedral), the new Warbow weapon, along with a general focus on gameplay and combat improvements that have been our top priority since the previous hotfixes (2.2.1 and 2.2.3).

Merry Chivmas (limited time event)

  • Holiday event ongoing until Jan 7
  • New winter holiday themed carriables and throwable items:
    • Small one-handed throwable snowballs
    • Big two-handed throwable snowballs
    • Throwable snowman heads and arms
    • Gift-wrapped presents
    • Carriable Yule Log
    • Throwable gift wrapped anvil 
    • Throwable ornaments
    • Julbock (Yule Goat)
    • Chivmas Elves
    • Wooden toys
  • Added winter holiday customization items:
    • Agatha and Mason Reindeer Helmets
    • Agatha and Mason Santa Hats
    • Snowman Helmet
  • Winter holiday decorated maps:
    • Brawl: Cathedral (New map!)
    • Team Objective (TO): Galencourt, Coxwell, Falmire
    • Last Team Standing (LTS): Wardenglade, Galencourt, Falmire
    • Team Deathmatch (TDM): Wardenglade
    • Free-for-all (FFA): Wardenglade


  • Arena
    • Adjusted idle kick timer to 45 seconds
    • Idle kick timer will now pause when a dead player is in spectate mode
  • Brawl
    • Knife can no longer drop if a player is killed when pressing F10
    • Brawl mode made available in Offline mode
  • FFA
    • Fixed non-standing / running spawns to not allow players to turn their heads a full 360 degrees
  • LTS
    • Added Galencourt to LTS mode
    • Map loading screens now visually correspond with each level
    • Fixed an issue where players would walk in place during the start of a round
    • Fixed an issue where players would not be able to look around during an initial auto-run segment (like on Fighting Pit)
    • Remaining player count for teams will now display accurately if a player switches team
    • Added Falmire and Galencourt as selectable maps in LTS offline play


  • Reintroduced 40 player Matchmaking! Play 40p TO and LTS mode in the new Skirmish queue
  • [PS5] – Fixed an issue where the search timer would not appear for the party leader when queuing for the first time
  • New matchmaking queue added – Beginner Mode
    • 5v5 human players, with up to 40 bots
  • Full matchmaking changes for patch 2.3:
    • TO & TDM 64 (as is)
    • TO & LTS – 40p
    • LTS 12v12
    • FFA 40p
    • New Beginner mode
    • Arena mode remains as is


  • [PS4] – Party Widget now correctly updates when a player joins or leaves a party
  • [PS4 / PS5] – Fixed an issue where accepting a party invite while in-game would cause the controls screen to appear during the disconnect prompt
  • Pending party invites from other player parties no longer remain when accepting one player’s invitation
  • Fixed a rare instance where subsequent party joins on the same round of a match would cause the party to split between teams

Performance and Crash Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when firing an arrow while falling in an offline game
  • Fixed a rare crash that would happen during vote kicking
  • Fixed a rare crash involving Inventory UI
  • Fixed a rare crash when backfilling into a 64 player matchmaking server
  • Fixed a rare crash involving an invalid animation instance 
  • Fixed a rare crash when clicking on your own name in the party list
  • Fixed a rare crash that would happen during the podium sequence in Arena mode
  • [XB1 / PS4] – Improved frame rate stability on title screen
  • [PS5] – Fixed a crash when playing on Galencourt in an offline game
  • [PS5] – Fixed a soft lock when pressing the options button while viewing game credits
  • [Consoles] – Fixed an issue where players would unintentionally be kicked from matches by anti-cheat

Weapons and Carryables

  • War Bow added to Longbowmen subclass
  • Balance changes made to one-handed stab-focused weapons:
    • Shortsword:
      • Stab windup increased by 0.025 seconds
      • Stab damage decreased from 50 to 45 units
    • One-handed Spear:
      • Stab windup increased by 0.04 seconds
      • Heavy stab windup increased by 0.025 seconds
    • Rapier:
      • Slash windup decreased by 0.055 seconds
      • Overhead windup decreased by 0.055 seconds
      • Stab windup decreased by 0.025 seconds
      • Heavy stab windup decreased by 0.025 seconds
      • Special damage increased from 50 to 55 units
      • Slightly increased special attack’s dodge back distance
  • Balance changes made to items featured in Brawl:
    • Candelabra attack speed slowed down
    • “Weapon-like” carriables can now be blocked by fists:
      • Candelabra
      • Recorder
      • Iron Pan
      • Broom
    • Lowered recorder’s overall damage output by 25%
    • Throwable two-handed bottle now deals more damage
  • Rake and Oar Paddle no longer teleport players when spamming special attack


New Customization

  • Agatha Archer:
    • Armour Set – Sharpshooter
    • Armour Set – Exceptional Sharpshooter
    • Armour Set- Elite Sharpshooter
  • Agatha Vanguard:
    • Armour Set – Tower Guard
    • Armour Set – Elite Tower Guard
    • Armour Set – Praetorian Gambeson
    • Helmet – Tower Guard Cap
    • Helmet – Praetorian Helm
  • Glaive:
    • Rusty Straight Fauchard
    • Straight Fauchard
    • Royal Straight Fauchard
    • Mason Cutting Fauchard
    • Feydrid’s Razor
  • Longbow:
    • Old Snakeskin Bow
    • Snakeskin Bow
    • Exotic Snakeskin Bow
  • Morning Star:
    • Rusty Gruz
    • Gruz
    • Royal Gruz
  • One Handed Axe:
    • Rusty Cavalry Axe
    • Cavalry Axe
    • Royal Cavalry Axe
  • Pole Hammer:
    • Rusty Pointed Hammer
    • Pointed Hammer
    • Royal Pointed Hammer
  • War Bow:
    • Weathered War Bow
    • War Bow
    • Superior War Bow
    • Engraved War Bow

Customization Fixes

  • Tournament helmets: fixed chain coif clipping issues
  • Mason – Tournament Helmet: fixed clipping issues with certain heads
  • Fixed an issue where rapidly previewing weapons would result in characters drawing random weapons
  • Fixed an issue where equipping the harp novelty item would remove the player’s shield on spawn


  • Archer:
    • Longbow – increased draw windup by 0.2 seconds
  • Vanguard:
    • Removed heavy handed perk for all subclasses except for Devastator – this perk allows the Devastator to carry heavy weapons with no speed penalty
    • Fixed an issue where if a Raider grabs a shield after throwing their knife away and equips their primary weapon, the player would be unable to attack, dodge, kick, or block after selecting shield from their inventory
  • Footman:
    • Increased bandage kit’s projectile speed
    • Reduced windup time when throwing a bandage kit
    • Fixed an exploit where a bandage kit could be thrown while in a downed state
  • Removed early tracers for stab-type specials. This change will prevent the weapons listed from feeling like an instant and unreactable hit:
    • Shovel
    • Dagger
    • Falchion
    • Javelin
    • Knife
    • One Handed Spear
    • Rapier
    • Short Sword
    • Sword
  • Removed exploit where reversed special attacks were possible
  • Adjusted time to be able to input an action after hitting the environment from 0.4 seconds to 0.5 seconds
  • Adjusted combo time after having a jab blocked from 0.3 seconds to 0.4 seconds
  • Improved player inputs during initial spawn to prevent accidental attacks or halts in movement
  • Made combo and feint inputs more consistent when inputted just before release
  • Fixed an issue where parry inputs would sometimes be ignored after being interrupted, staggered, or deflected
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would sometimes become invisible when being thrown / switching between items
  • Fixed an issue where certain projectiles would not always hit when successfully landing on an opponent
  • Feint into kick/jab will now be able to block an opponent’s kick/jab
  • Fixed a rare instance where a counter attack would sometimes not reliably come out after successfully countering an attack
  • Fixed a desync issue after landing from a fall
  • Removed exploit where semi-standing sprint attacks were possible
  • Sprint charge early attack tracers are disabled for all weapons. This change will prevent sprint charges from feeling like an instant and unreactable hit.
  • Disabled bouncing off of player heads. Players will now only slide off when landing on top of each other
  • Fixed a state issue where being disarmed while holding both a one-handed weapon and an off-hand throwable would cause the player to pull out their main weapon as if it was a one-handed weapon
  • Adjusted jab input lock out of parry break state from 1 second to 1.2 seconds to allow easier punishing when comboing from an attack that breaks an opponent’s parry
  • Added prevention measures for immediate movement cancellation of auto-run spawns
  • Fixed an issue with auto-run spawns locking character rotation
  • Fixed alignment discrepancy between first person and third person weapon tracers when crouching right before release
  • Fixed an issue where bots would sometimes become invulnerable during offline play


  • New Brawl map added – Cathedral
  • All weapon racks now instantly give the item to the player instead of requiring the player to hold the action command


  • LTS – removed bow rack (should only appear during TDM and FFA)


  • Reduced time being carried over across all objective stages
  • Reduced spawn time for Agatha peasant players in the last stage from 15 seconds to 10 seconds


  • Fixed an issue where the catapult could be destroyed by oilpots during convoy


  • LTS – Adjusted initial spawn
  • Fixed an issue where the win condition wouldn’t trigger when the Agathian VIP reached the boat during the final objective stage
  • Removed second lever that’s closer to Mason spawn during the “Door” stage


  • TO:
    • Fixed an issue where objective text from the second stage would persist in the third stage
    • Removed feathered caps from Agatha Battle Monks (this is not proper attire for those who study in the Cathedral!)
    • Adjusted combat zones to allow Agathians to retreat without dying due to being out of bounds during the second last stage
  • LTS:
    • Now playable in matchmaking


  • Great Hall Brawl:
    • Increased general indoor lighting
    • Adjusted subsequent spawn timers from 9 seconds to 12
  • TO:
    • Battering Ram now charges immediately upon player input


  • TO:
    • Reduced Ramp stage allocated time by two minutes
    • Minimum time is now 7:31 minutes, the maximum stage time is 9:30 minutes
  • Brawl:
    • Lowered chandeliers to make them easier to hit with throwables
    • Removed chickens due to it affecting spawners and causing problems

Tournament Grounds

  • LTS – Fixed an issue where the throne would not appear


  • [PS4 / XB1] – Fixed an issue where characters would not animate during the Arena podium sequence
  • Character eyes no longer pop out during podium sequence in Arena modes
  • Fixed an issue where jabs, kicks, or special attack animations would not always play right after successfully blocking an attack
  • Fixed third person animation issues while holding the candelabra
  • Fixed an issue where the javelin would slide upwards when throwing a shield
  • Fixed javelin throwing animation
  • Slowed down the two handed weapon throwing animation speed to look smoother


  • Normalized audio levels for distant voices
  • Continuous music default setting now set at 75%


  • FFA – Fixed issue where UI would display incorrect maximum number of players when joining from spectator
  • Added animation and sound when selecting a matchmaking queue on the play screen
  • Updated player list assets for further consistency between regions
  • Unified bottom bar navigation items for further UI consistency
  • “JOIN GAME” button in Social tab is now hidden when not the party leader
  • Fixed New weapon notifications not updating immediately after viewing a weapon
  • Fixed an issue where there would be double scroll bars when viewing helmet and armour tabs
  • Fixed scrolling issue when viewing the update prompt or other bodies of text
  • Fixed an issue where first initial input to open the head type customization item would do nothing
  • Fixed an issue where the beard tab would appear randomly when switching between teams during head or imperfection customization
  • Fixed an issue where pressing escape while viewing head customization list would create duplicate categories
  • Fixed an issue where menu items wouldn’t highlight after traveling back and forth between menus
  • Various localization fixes


  • Spectator – D-pad left and right now decreases and increases right stick sensitivity
  • Fixed a navigation issue when viewing head customization menu
  • Fixed a navigation issue when highlighting the “Invite Party Members” button
  • Made customization class navigation more consistent
  • Fixed button icon not properly being displayed for refreshing the server browser on PC


  • Fixed an issue where vote kicking a player from the game would also remove a siege weapon from the game if mounted by the kicked player