Chivalry 2 Hotfix 2.10.2

Good morrow, knights! A minor hotfix (2.10.2) has been released with new anti-cheat protections.


  • Updated anti-cheat security on all platforms.

As our 2.10.1 Hotfix notes mentioned, our team has been working hard on this next stage of anti-cheat protection for Chivalry 2. This security update will help stop users who have been bypassing our anti-cheat protections and add further tools our moderation team can use to address cheaters and their multiple accounts.

We believe this security update will help curb the use of cheats within Chivalry 2, although we know there may still be outliers that bypass even the new protection. Not to worry; our staff and moderation team will be on hand working hard to address any future tickets and reports regarding cheaters.

If you believe you have encountered a user in-game who may be cheating, here are some steps to report them.

How to report a suspected cheater:

  • In-Game Reporting:
    • Open the in-game scoreboard.
      • Xbox Button: Menu Button > Scoreboard
      • PS Button: Start Button > Scoreboard
      • PC Key: TAB
    • Navigate the scoreboard till you find the offending user.
    • Select the user and use the “Report” option.
  • ChivMail Reporting:
    • To Access the ChivMail bot you’ll need to join our Official Discord.
      • ChivMail can be found on the top right of the User List once you’ve entered the Discord.
    • Use either a screen capping software or an HD mobile device to capture video of the suspected user.
    • Attach this video in a message to the ChivMail Bot on Discord in addition to the suspected user’s in-game username.
      • Videos should be around 30 seconds long and clearly show the suspected user using in-game cheats if possible.
        • (If the video is too large for Discord, it can be uploaded unlisted onto a streaming platform like Youtube)
    • This will start a ticket on the topic that our moderators can respond to if additional information is needed.
      • Additional Step for EGS / Steam Users – Acquire the user’s PlayerID:
        • Open the console by pressing ( ~ ) or ( NUMPAD – ) (If your console does not open, you may have to “Enable developer console” in GAME SETTINGS)
          • Rebindable in the setting if necessary
        • Type the command “listplayers” and hit ENTER (This copies the player list to your clipboard)
        • Open any Word processing application ( Notepad, Microsoft Word, etc ) and press CTRL + V to paste the player list.
        • Find the offending player’s name and ID # and include them in your ChivMail report. (For example – Username – 12AB34CD56EF78GH)

Patch Troubleshooting:
For any users receiving the “Easy Anti-Cheat is not installed.” Launch Error: please attempt to validate your game files.