Chivalry 2 Unofficial Servers FAQ – Follow up

Today, we wanted to address more frequently asked questions regarding the newly added Unofficial Servers with Nitrado to keep players in the loop as we work on improvements.

Torn Banner Studios and Nitrado are dedicated to making Unofficial Servers the best experience possible for the Chivalry 2 Player Base.

Why is my server having unstable performance?

  • Since the release of Unofficial Servers, we’ve been tracking the community response very closely. After observing many reports and matches, it’s clear that small matches are performing nicely. Yet, as the scale of participating players increases, the server’s performance decreases for all involved. We understand that this performance degradation has made genuine 64-player matches difficult, and the issues have disproportionately affected those spending the most to host a server. We hear you and are working hand in hand with Nitrado to resolve these problems as soon as possible.

Why don’t Unofficial Servers offer Gold or XP?

  • At launch, we chose not to have Unofficial Servers provide Gold or XP as the potential for server hosts and players to abuse the system was relatively high. We want Gold, especially XP, to signify your time and dedication to Chivalry 2. Our team is looking into how we can prevent this potential abuse and at the opportunity of bringing Gold and XP to Unofficial Servers in some capacity in the future.

Why are all servers capped at 1GB of RAM?

  • Per Nitrado, The visual presentation of RAM usage is dynamic and covers the upper range of the graph. The RAM limit is not capped at 1GB. The game server gets as much RAM as needed. The hard limit is beyond the scope of what a Chivalry 2 server will ever require to guarantee the quality of the game experience for all customers.

How was the pricing for Unofficial Servers determined?

  • Initial prices for Unofficial Servers were set with the guidance of Nitrado and the resources needed to support up to 64 players on a single server. We’ll be working with Nitrado to see if the opportunity to offer future sales is possible.

Were Unofficial Servers stress-tested before launch?

  • Yes, Unofficial Servers were stress-tested before launch. Although we did all we could internally, it wasn’t feasible for us to match the scale that has been able to be achieved once the feature went live to the public player base. A larger scale has revealed specific bugs and problems we are working to improve.

What protections are available around DDOS attacks?

  • Our first FAQ states that Nitrado servers all come with basic DDOS protections. We’ve already implemented an extra layer on top of the basic DDOS Protections and are continuing to explore additional server protections. These are expected after Update 2.10 since they will take longer to implement on the development side.

Will Torn Banner work with other server providers for Unofficial Servers?

  • Both Torn Banner Studios and Nitrado are dedicated to improving the Unofficial Server experience with the help of players and their feedback. At this time, we don’t plan to host Unofficial Chivalry 2 servers through partners other than Nitrado.

Why can’t we rent a US Central server?

  • Currently, US Central is not a region that Nitrado natively supports. At the moment, Nitrado has yet to share any plans to add US Central servers, but we have passed on the community feedback that US Central servers would be appreciated. We have been and continue to communicate with them regarding this request.

Why can’t we skip maps in Unofficial Servers?

  • Our primary command to skip maps has some instability tied to it that we are currently looking into. Therefore, we are exploring alternate commands to make available to server admins that could fill a similar role while we work on improving the stability of the primary command. We’ll let the community know through our Official Social channels if additional commands become available.

Can we get the opportunity to purchase a higher tick-rate server?

  • Complete confidence in a tick rate change option would require game-wide testing on all modes, maps, and all possible player counts. With community concerns already around server stability, we consider this outside of scope at this time.

Why are TO objectives set at 10 minutes for each phase by default?

  • We didn’t have an opportunity to complete the review of all stage times across all maps before the release of unofficial servers, as most of the time dedicated to this feature was devoted to adding it as an option. When time permits, we’ll look to set up default times in the Nitrado web interface. In the meantime, this information is available via our FAQ.

Known Bugs around Unofficial Servers we are investigating:

  • Servers showing capped at 1GB Ram
  • Inability to kick/ban some users
  • Man At Arms spawning without primary weapons in LTS

We’d also like to assure players that we continue working on resolutions for many of the known bugs we announced after the release of Update 2.10. We’ll be sure to let players know right away once we have a Hotfix on its way!