Chivalry 2 is Coming to PS Plus in May! | Raiding Party Update (2.8) Patch Notes

PS Plus

Chivalry 2 is coming to PlayStation Plus on PS4 and PS5 in May! At no extra cost for all PlayStation Plus members, available from 2 May 2023 – 5 June 2023.

Content Update 2.8 – Raiding Party

In addition to this exciting PS Plus news, content update 2.8 is right around the corner! Releasing May 1, Chivalry 2 introduces cross-platform parties beta, a brand new Team Objective Map – The Sacking of Bridgetown, the Heavy Cavalry Sword, a new Campaign Pass – Raiding Party, a new gamemode – Mounted Arena, combat changes, and quality of life improvements in Chivalry 2’s new Raiding Party Update! Read on below.

  • Our biggest list of patch notes ever!
  • Cross-platform Parties (BETA)
  • Stronghold – Performance Improvements
  • New Campaign Pass – “Raiding Party”
  • New Team Objective map – “The Sacking of Bridgetown”
  • New Limited Time Arena Mode – “Mounted Arena”
  • New Weapon – Heavy Cavalry Sword
  • Horses now available in Lionspire!
  • Combat changes
  • QoL improvements


  • Players can now add friends and create parties with all platforms

We are excited to finally be releasing a beta version of this long requested feature to Chivalry 2, which now allows players to add players to their in-game Friend List from any platform through the use of friend codes. Each player has a unique friend code that can be generated. Once added, players can invite friends and create parties in the main menu, regardless of their platform. Please note that, while this feature is now available for players, it is currently in Beta – which means some bugs and issues can be expected as we continue to improve this feature. If you are having issues with adding a friend or joining a friend’s party, please attempt re-adding your friend or restarting your game.

New Map – “The Sacking of Bridgetown”

The news of King Argon’s victory against the Masons at Thayic Stronghold has spread across Agatha. The nobles of Irilla and the surrounding lands have come together for a decadent celebration, filling Bridgetown with laughter and joy. The wine flows and the noblemen dance to the music and cheers, this is surely a day that will be remembered for generations to come!

Outside the city walls the peasants toil in the fruitful vineyards that provided such an ample supply of fine wines for the festivities. The distant sound of the partying gentry is pierced by a harrowing horn, but this is no horn of the north. The workers grab what meager armaments they can and await the storm.

After successfully breaching the bulwark at Baudwyn the Tenosian Empire has begun the second phase of their invasion. In order to further their advance inland they must cross the river through Bridgetown. The Tenosian army will stop at nothing; setting the outlying farms and vineyard ablaze and defenestrating the cowardly nobles.

New Weapon – “Heavy Cavalry Sword”

With Weathered Heavy Cavalry Sword, Heavy Cavalry Sword, and Decorated Cavalry Sword skins

A new one handed weapon for the Footman Man-at-Arms and Knight Guardian, this sword has long reach and slow swings. In addition, it features incredible prowess on horseback in comparison to other weapons, having slash attacks that differ from its slash attacks on foot. This weapon can also be held forward while inputting a special attack on horseback. Lead the charge!

New Limited Time Arena Mode – “Mounted Arena”

Think you’re a good horseman? Looking to stick a lance into someone’s chest without any distractions? Prove it to the cheering crowd in this new 1v1 mode for Arena enthusiasts! Coming soon as part of our limited time queue rotation, two players on horseback challenge each other to a joust on Tournament Grounds with various weapons. The round doesn’t end until your opponent is completely defeated.

New Campaign Pass – “Raiding Party”

  • Added the campaign select screen, and the ability to select the active campaign
  • Added post match notifications of unlocks and campaign progress
  • New free campaign pass with 10 unlocks
  • New premium campaign pass available in the store with 30 additional unlocks
  • New customization unlocks


  • Tenosia Vanguard Askandir Equestrian Armour
  • Tenosia Vanguard Askandir Scout Armour
  • Tenosia Knight Royal Scythian Armour
  • Tenosia Knight Scythian Warrior Armour
  • Tenosian Footman Steppe Wanderer Helmet and Armour
  • Tenosian Knight Steppe Warrior Helmet and Armour
  • Tenosian Footman Night Wanderer Armour
  • Tenosian Knight Night Warrior Armour
  • Mason Gold Vine Jousting Knight (Armour Variant)


  • Tenosia Brand


  • Crescent Twin Snakes
  • Boa


  • Agatha Sword of Bravery
  • Mason Sword of Glory
  • Tenosia Sword of Balance
  • Agatha Vine of Prosperity
  • Mason Chalice of Glory


  • Tenosia Archer Light Shield: Royal Sipar
  • Tenosia Footman Medium Shield: Golden Dipylon Shield
  • Tenosia Knight Heavy Shield: Royal Sparabara
  • Dagger Skin: Worn Jambiya, Jambiya, Ivory Jambiya, Royal Jambiya
  • Community Weapon Choice: Halberd Skin, with Weathered Crescent, Crescent, Decorated Crescent skins
  • Community Weapon Choice: War Axe, with Rusty, Embossed, and Imperial Flame skins

New Community Choice Customization – War Axe & Halberd!

You asked for it and we delivered. We asked our community which weapon they wanted to receive new customization for the most and you voted the War Axe! We decided that, since the Halberd was such a close second, that we’d add new weapon skins for both.


New Team Objective Map

  • The Sacking of Bridgetown


  • Fixed an issue where pushable stone markers would persist when joining mid-match
  • Fixed an issue where Masons would sometimes spawn underground during Stage 4
  • Fixed an issue where hitting the Druids would not grant personal points for an Attacker
  • Fixed an issue where Agathians would sometimes be unable to move during initial spawn when playing Offline


  • Adjusted fire volumes of lit book shelves during the last objective stage
  • Fixed an issue where Tenosian archers were not drawing their bows during cinematic intro
  • Added Masons to boats during cinematic intro


  • Reduced attacker spawn time during Stage 3
  • Reduced defense recapture rate during Stage 3


  • Fixed tree collisions to address damage avoidance exploits
  • Fixed an issue where Agathian Peasants could not emote, eat, or heal for the duration of their life


  • Removed carriable barrels from last stage
  • Adjusted defender combat zones during last stage
  • Fixed Out of Combat zone exploits during last stage

Dark Forest

  • Addressed an exploit where the VIP could reach the top of the castle during the final stage
  • Fixed an issue where a cart on fire was invisible to players yet collisions were still present


  • Adjusted overall Out of Combat zones
  • Fixed Mason spawns facing away after Thorne reaches the halfway point to his objective
  • Fixed multiple areas where the spectator camera could escape level boundaries

Fighting Pit

  • Polished cinematic camera speed during Warm Up period cinematic
  • Fixed a spawn that would spawn the player in the air during FFA
  • Fixed an issue where constructables could be placed directly in front of spawns


  • Stage 1
    • Addressed an exploit where players could reach the top of the buildings via catapult
  • Stage 2
    • Added a small buffer period to give Agatha more time in the combat zone when transitioning to Stage 2
  • Stage 3
    • Fixed collisions for Stage 3 being abused to avoid damage from attacks
    • Addressed an exploit where Masons could fast track explosives
  • Stage 4
    • Fixed tree collisions to address damage avoidance exploits
  • Stage 5
    • Fixed an issue where attackers would be out of combat in last stage if the gate is destroyed too quickly
  • Stage 6
    • Fixed an issue where monks would not spawn if previous stage was completed too quickly


  • Fixed an issue where dying on horseback would result in the player falling through the floor in certain areas


  • Added horses – map now available in the Mounted Warfare queue
  • Adjusted combat zones for Stage 2 to allow Agathians to reach their catapult after it goes into mason-held territory


  • Fixed a camera timing issue during Warm Up period cinematic
  • Fixed an issue where the pushing / contesting UI would not appear for players on Horseback
  • Fixed an issue where Agatha shields would not change if picked up by the VIP
  • Fixed an issue where the siege ramps could complete by themselves towards the end of the objective


  • Optimized King Argon II’s textures for performance
  • Optimized cinematic and map art for increase in performance
  • Fixed an issue where players could land on an out of bounds ledge next to the fortress
  • Fixed an issue where horses would get stuck on ammo crates when riding around
  • Stage 1
    • Added constructable exclusion zones around objectives to help with objective difficulty
    • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes not spawn running
  • Stage 2
    • Fixed a Run-In Spawner resulting in Agatha Players being knocked down out of spawn
    • Fixed an issue where the left catapult would launch a player up instead of forwards
    • Moved catapults forward slightly to allow the player to walk around it
  • Stage 3
    • Fixed an issue where bots would get stuck at the base of the hill
    • Fixed a Run-In Spawner resulting in Agatha Players being knocked down out of spawn
    • Fixed collisions for some static objects in the bailey
    • Made the jump path near the walls slightly smoother
    • Adjusted Mason Spawn position closer to the castle
  • Stage 4
    • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck Out of Bounds next to the fort left side
  • Stage 5
    • Fixed an issue where Agathians could spawn underground from right spawn
  • Stage 6
    • Fixed an exploit where players could reach an out of bounds area in a building section lacking collision


  • Fixed an issue where the Commander bots would not move into combat after speech


  • Made the Viking Braid hairstyle available for female head variants
  • Made the Painted Tilting helmet available for Agatha
  • Made the Mason Tournament Helmets available for other armour sets
  • Made the Closed Dreadmare Helmet available for other armour sets
  • Adjusted the Tamar’s Battle Garb armour set coloring to assist with team readability
  • Fixed an issue where the Cross-Hilt Sword variants would appear extremely bloody after multiple kills
  • Fixed an issue where the Golden Rune Hammer was not present as a FFA customization option
  • Fixed multiple armour sets that experienced instances of stretched limbs or improper dismemberments
  • Fixed an issue where the Agatha Lion Helm would duplicate if knocked off during combat
  • Fixed an issue where some helmets would “sparkle” on lower settings
  • Fixed an issue with the Tenosian footman armour’s roughness values in its metallic material
  • Fixed an issue where the Winter War Campaign weapon variants would fall through the map
  • Added open helmet variants for the following helmets:
    • Tilting Helmet
    • Pigfaced Bascinet
    • Protector Helmet
    • Heavy Bascinet
  • Added heraldry and Tenosian Vanguard customization for reaching LVL 1000
    • Agatha – “Sword of Bravery”
    • Mason –  “Sword of Glory”
    • Tenosian Vanguard – “Sword of Balance”


Arrow Cam

  • Addressed an exploit where players could interact with objects through Arrow Cam

Takedown Threshold

  • Takedown requirement has been adjusted to 25 from 50

To encourage players to use more of their potential combat options (and to give longbow users their fair chance at a takedown), we have adjusted the takedown threshold to 25 for a takedown credit.


  • Fixed an issue where players could get disarmed when out of stamina during Active Parry
  • Slightly increased the width of the parry box to increase its effectiveness against late stab drags

Certain weapons like two-handed spear and longsword were able to get around the parry box at the tail end of their stab attacks via dragging. This change addresses these instances where the attack should have been blocked.

  • Fixed an exploit where certain weapons could circumvent an opponent’s parry when feinting from Slash to Alt Slash

Certain weapons like the Longsword, Messer, and other thin weapons could circumvent an opponent’s block through the use of Slash to Alt Slash feint attacks. To address this, the positioning of a player’s block was slightly adjusted to close any front facing gaps.


  • Addressed an exploit where jabs could circumvent cooldown when jabbing after a dodge
  • Addressed an exploit where jabs could circumvent cooldown when part of an attack combo
  • Addressed an exploit where jabs could circumvent cooldown when used after a combo feint
  • Fixed an issue where jabs would come out faster while holding an offhand item
  • Slightly reduced horizontal size of jab’s hitbox

The jab’s horizontal radius has been slightly decreased for polish and to allow it to be dodged a little more successfully through the use of footwork and crouching. In addition, multiple instances where the jab could circumvent cooldown under certain combat conditions were addressed to maintain consistency.


  • Fixed an issue where the pavise shield would disrupt player movement
  • Fixed an issue where shields on the player’s back would make them a bigger target for attacks
  • Heavy shields now block all projectiles when equipped from the back

Shields were unintentionally increasing the player’s hitbox, allowing attacks to land hits outside of expected collision conditions. This fix addresses this concern as well as adding another feature for heavy shields during combat.


  • Addressed an exploit where the flaming chicken could damage and set teammates on fire, to prevent griefing

The Flaming Chicken griefing exploit fix was initially done for 2.7 but was held for release for further fixes that had to be addressed as a result of this change.

  • Addressed an exploit where heavy attacks and feint attacks could be canceled in neutral after a previously successful attack

If the player had previously landed an attack against a player or object that could receive damage, the player could at any point cancel a heavy or feint attack into block during neutral engagement. This resulted in noted exploits in the community such as “quadruple feints” and more.

  • Added bonus score for Defense

In order to further encourage players who are on the Defending team of a given Team Objective map, bonus score is given to those who defeat Attacking team opponents.

  • Fixed an issue where players would be kicked for team damage from objectives

Certain objectives have the functionality to cause damage to players. This damage applies universally. Situations like the ram on Lionspire or petards on Falmire had the chance to kill too many players on the same team, causing the game to unfairly kick the player who initiated the objective for excessive team damage. This issue was addressed in light of this.

  • Addressed an exploit where players could attack faster than combos through spamming counter inputs into blocks

It was discovered that if a player inputs a counter, inputs block after a successful hit, and then inputs another counter attempt afterwards, their attack speed would be faster than a typical combo. This was noted to be effective with certain weapons such as the one-handed mace or two-handed spear. The pace when counters come out after a previous successful hit was slightly adjusted as a result. This does not impact counter input speed. 

  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes teleport while dodging or tackling
  • Fixed an issue where players would not switch to their secondary weapon after the primary weapon has been used up
  • Fixed an issue where team damage would stop healing when out of combat
  • Fixed an issue where players could maintain sprint speed while holding crouch on run in spawn
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with objects while using the controller would cause the emote wheel to appear
  • Fixed an issue where dying to a spike trap after being healed by a teammate would penalize the teammate’s score for team killing
  • Addressed an exploit where Horse momentum could be used for massively increased damage against destructible objectives

Weapons and Carryables

New Weapon – Heavy Cavalry Sword

  • Fixed an issue where the Vanguard sprint attack would have inaccurate tracers
  • Adjusted tracers for all weapons to address handle hits and further swing-throughs discovered

Many weapons were able to land hits earlier than intended due to tracers encompassing the handle of the weapon. Most notable offenders include weapons such as the poleaxe and pickaxe. To address this, tracers for all weapons were readjusted.

Bandage Kits

  • Fixed an issue where bandage kits would bounce off of teammates

Bear Trap

  • Fixed an issue where triggering a bear trap while sitting on a bench would cause the player to desync


  • Fixed an issue where if the player threw a bottle while holding an offhand item, the player would wield their two-handed weapon with one hand


  • Fixed a rare issue where loading a rock would not bring out the player’s primary weapon
  • Removed longshot bonus from Catapults

Players using catapults in early objective stages such as Stage 2 of Lionspire were able to climb the scoreboard early on in a match. Given the destructive capabilities of the catapult in comparison to other range based weapons of warfare, this was addressed by removing this bonus per kill.


  • Fixed an issue where the player would disconnect when using a melee attack followed by a reload


  • Fixed an exploit where the special attack could hit on frame 1 when looking all the way down

Heavy Mace

  • Adjusted stamina loss reduction from 20% to 10%


  • Fixed an issue where in certain situations rear kicking an opponent would make the opponent unable to move forward or backward


  • Fixed an issue where refilling ammo would not auto-equip the weapon if the player had no other weapons in their hands


  • Fixed an issue where the sprinting special attack hitboxes were ending too early
  • Extended tracer duration by a few frames for the stab and slash attacks
  • Increased sprint attack damage from 30 to 60
  • Made headbutt timing faster to match it more in line with jab like other weapons
  • Decreased stamina drain when blocking attacks
  • Adjusted tracers overall for special attack

After further review and from player feedback received, it was noted that Katars were severely underperforming in comparison to other weapons. These changes aim to increase the unique strengths of the Katars as well as to allow them to have more opportunities in head to head engagements.


  • Fixed an exploit where the special attack could hit on frame 1 when looking all the way down


  • Adjusted stamina loss reduction from 20% to 10%


  • Adjusted stamina loss reduction from 20% to 10%
  • Addressed an exploit where quarterstaff could indefinitely input slash attacks without running out of stamina over time


  • Fixed an issue where the sword would be unable to be picked up if using the Cross Hilt Sword customization variants

Throwing Knives

  • Fixed an issue where refilling ammo would not auto equip throwing knives while holding a one-handed weapon

Throwing Axe

  • Fixed an issue where refilling ammo would not auto-equip to the weapon if the player had no other weapons in their hands

New Carriables (featured in Bridgetown)

  • Grape Chunk
  • Millstone
  • Ploughs
  • One-handed toy horse
  • Nobles


  • Addressed an issue where Xbox Parties would occasionally drop after map change
  • Fixed an issue where players under certain conditions would consistently receive the “Lost Connection” error when searching for a match in Arena modes

Standalone Servers

  • Fix for servers delisting after a while



  • New Limited Time Mode – “Mounted Arena”

Performance and Crash Fixes

  • Optimized master materials for further performance improvements
  • Multiple crash fixes


Last Team Standing

  • Fixed an issue where the announcer was cut off during the introduction of certain LTS maps:
    • Courtyard
    • Tournament Grounds 
    • Wardenglade

Northman VO

  • Fixed an issue where the VO would sometimes not play during a Footman sprint attack
  • Fixed an issue where the VO would play twice during any Heavy Attack


  • Fixed an issue where Argon II would ignore audio settings when first spawning in
  • Fixed an issue where the dynamic music would play during the opening cinematic
  • Fixed an issue where the Victory music would not play if Argon succeeded in the last objective
  • Fixed an issue where the last words of Argon would not play if defeated


  • Fixed an issue where sound would sometimes become muffled after spawning in Third Person
  • Fixed an issue with multiple personalities not using special windup VO during special attacks
  • Fixed an issue where the VIP sound listener would sometimes alternate from side to side
  • Applied a sound effect for when the lance is fully couched on horseback


  • Added description for the “Mounted Warfare” queue
  • Polished and added UI elements for Store, Campaigns, and Campaign progress
  • Implemented UI elements for Cross Platform Parties and Friends
  • Implemented UI elements for multiple Campaigns
  • Fixed an issue where the pushable progress bar would not show up for players on Horseback
  • Fixed an issue where the controller prompt icon was missing for the Arrow Cam tip UI
  • Fixed an issue where player counts would not accurately update in Server Browser
  • [Controller] – Fixed an issue where directional pad inputs would be occasionally ignored
  • [Controller] – Fixed an issue where interacting with objects would cause the emote wheel to appear
  • [Controller] – Fixed an issue where scrolling through Campaign rapidly would lock UI navigation
  • [Playstation] – Fixed an issue where the Special Edition bundle was not displaying in the store properly
  • Multiple localization fixes made


  • Gamepad players can now hold their throws for a time before throwing an item
  • [PC] – Added rebind option for the Console open Key
  • Fixed an issue where the client would hitch after loading fonts in some languages
  • Fixed an issue where few NPCs were wearing Argon II’s armour (there can only be one King of Agatha)
  • Fixed an issue where locked and unbought nicknames could be equipped in the armoury
  • Fixed an issue where Campaign XP would not be granted when launching the game for the first time
  • Fixed an issue where premium Campaign items would remain locked after purchasing the premium Campaign mid-progress until rebooting game
  • Fixed an issue where multiple achievements/trophies would not unlock
  • Fixed the hand placement when carrying petards in third person perspective
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to swap teams in Offline Mode
  • Fixed an issue where the “Brave Sir Robin” achievement would not unlock in Online modes
  • Fixed an issue where the “Battle of the Bastards” achievement would not unlock
  • [Consoles] – Fixed an issue where consoles could not join Passworded servers in Server Browser successfully 

Known Issues

Cross-Platform Parties BETA

  • Signing into a different account while the game is open keeps the same friend invite code
  • New leader’s name does not display for other clients on pop-up banner when old leader leaves
  • In game UI may not list all players in the party
  • Xbox Series X cannot remove a Steam friend


  • Achievement progress visually does not track (but does increment properly behind the scenes). Firing 1000 arrows achievement for example will not properly represent how many arrows you’ve fired, but it will still update the actual number and unlock at 1000. 
  • Shield users are unable to charge attack and tackle when projectiles are in the shield
  • Occasional screen hitching/freezing when playing
  • Occasional state mismatch between client and server for counter success or riposte success
  • 1P mesh is being used for shadows
  • Kills on the progression tab are not incrementing properly
  • Attacking with your player and kicking with the horse at the same time locks horse movement to right and left (workaround is to kick again to unlock horse movement)


  • [PC] (Potentially Resolved) First spawn in a map results in an uncustomized shield


  • Console players may experience trouble reporting other players