New Team Objective Map – The Razing of Askandir

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You can watch a VOD of our latest stream here on our Twitch channel, or archived on our YouTube channel below. During the steam we went into the details of how a new map is made, in particular our new Team Objective maps, as well as how our team designed many new assets for a completely different visual look than what is present in Chivalry 2 up until this point.

The Razing of Askandir

Reacting to their call for war against the North, the Masons set sail to the port city of Askandir to demolish the city lighthouse and set the Tenosian library ablaze.

As Masons, the attackers must complete the following objectives:

Objective 1 – Destroy the lighthouse with petards

Disembarking the Mason boats, the Order must first scale up to the base of the lighthouse. Then, petards must be collected and secured to the base of the inner column, until it is ultimately destroyed.

Objective 2 – Take control of the bridge

Upon successfully destroying the lighthouses, the Masons must capture the bridge leading into the city. During this objective, both teams will have the option to spawn as part of cavalry waves, creating a massive clash of beast and steel in the center of the bridge. The bridge also has three tiers of access include the main bridge, a high ground and an passageway underneath leaving no angle safe from attack.

Objective 3 – Push over the city columns

Once inside the city, Masons will have to collaborate to knock down the multiple city columns. The long pathways in this section of the map also leave opportunity for horse riders to pick up speed and crush enemies with their lances.

Objective 4 – Dismantle the astrolabes

Mason’s must destroy all of the Tenosia relics in their path – including the astrolabes present in the courtyard outside of Tenosia’s sacred library.

Objective 5 – Burn the library’s bookshelves

Finally, in the ultimate punishment for Tenosia attacking the bulwark on The Breach of Baudwyn, the Order must burn down the library containing all of Tenosia’s advanced knowledge and teachings.

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